Why the 2022 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin impresses us

Over three decades have passed since the Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin first turned heads with its release, the new machine fully inherits the essence and spirit of what made the original so popular. The heart of the original bike was the balance between power and weight, and the appeal of the original bike has not been forgotten with the new models.

Honda knows exactly what you want when it comes to motorcycles, which is maximum performance and minimum weight. That’s exactly what they’ve achieved with the CRF1100L Africa Twin thanks to a smaller tank and a lighter, more nimble body, making it the perfect engine for a variety of surfaces. After a complete overhaul in 2020 that included a new chassis, bigger engine and completely new styling, it’s no surprise that Honda didn’t drastically change the 2022 Africa Twin, although they did manage to tweak the new model 2022 both aesthetically and mechanically.

How powerful and powerful is the Africa Twin?

Driver on Honda Africa Twin 2022
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The CRF1100L Africa Twin features a SOHC eight-valve twin-cylinder engine that produces 100 HP with 77 lb-ft of torque. The way the engine responds creates that ultimate thrill, with a 46mm throttle body fed through optimized ECU settings, the connection between right throttle and rear tire is absolute perfection. This bike is sure to give you the ultimate performance at any rpm, whether on tarmac, gravel or mud.

Acceleration, cornering and braking are all monitored using its 6-axis inertial measurement unit system. The results of this offer precise seven-level HSTC management, as well as three-level wheel control and cornering ABS. Four default riding modes can be chosen at any time, urban, tour, gravel and off-road, plus two fully customized user options giving you the exact bike you want. With the 2022 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin Comes with a 1,084cc liquid-cooled twin-cylinder engine, it can generate up to 101hp, with the CRF1100L capable of speeds of 143mph and offers a fuel capacity of 8.8 litres. Black aluminum side covers and large graphic logos provide a distinctive and attractive look.

The CRF1100L Africa twin comes with either a six-speed manual transmission or an innovative six-speed DCT, which gives you stress-free and smooth automatic shifting. You of course have the option of switching back to super-fast manual control using the left-hand shifters. DTC is also newly optimized for low-speed use in first and second gear, pressing the “G” switch on the TFT reduces clutch slip, increasing rear wheel traction and feel. The 6.5-inch TFT color touchscreen puts comprehensive intuitive management at your fingertips, even offering Bluetooth and Apple Car Play connectivity.

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What do the graphics and exterior design of the Africa Twin look like?

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The CRF450R-inspired aluminum main frame and swingarm are both light and firm. The Showa 45mm inverted fork adjusts for rebound and compression damping, giving you precise suspension response. Operating via pro-link, the Showa rear shock adjusts for compression and rebound damping, and spring preload via a dial on the shock body.

The 2022 CRF1100L Africa Twin is available in Grand Prix Red while the 2022 CRF1100L Africa Twin Adventurer is available in Pearl White, which adds a nice stiff appearance to the beast. The all-new 110mm lower windscreen offers better visibility while offering better wind protection thanks to its refined shape. Now the base Africa Twin gets an aluminum rear rack that was previously only available on Adventurer sport models, to add a sense of value to the rider.

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How much will the Africa Twin cost you?

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Given the minor tweaks to the new 2022 CRF1100L Africa Twin, it’s no surprise that starting prices are slightly higher than the previous model, with the base model starting at $17,970, while the Africa Twin Adventurer fetching $20,845 and the DCT transmission variant being offered at $22,005.

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A motorcycle that offers comfort and performance?

Although the Africa Twin does not offer cruise control, it is one of the most comfortable bikes on the market. With some of the best weather protection, comfortable seats and excellent ergonomics, it seems like everything is where it should be on a motorcycle. No engine vibration, great suspension and no road feel add to the extremely comfortable and silky ride. In addition to the comfort offered by the Africa Twin, the fuel consumption is simply incredible, 4.6 liters / 62 miles, which gives the Africa Twin a range of 249 miles, which means that you can put your helmet and ride in the most remote places. on land without worrying about running out of fuel.

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With the CRF1100L Africa Twin now featuring refined dual-clutch transmission settings for much smoother handling in lower gears, standard aluminum sideplates and rear rack, and noticeable and progressive graphic design , the 2022 Honda CRF1100L Africa Twin seems like the perfect purchase for any thrill seeker. Aggressive yet compact, handsome yet monstrous, and fast yet thrilling.

Driver on Honda Africa Twin 2022
Everything you need to know about the 2022 Honda Africa Twin

The much-loved Africa Twin has received some awesome updates.

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