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Why are taxi drivers in Africa switching to Orange motorbikes?

  • Sub-Saharan Africa is experiencing economic growth that is straining logistics systems.
  • Taxi and delivery services are widespread in African countries.
  • Bob Eco is the first for-profit social crypto company advocating for job creation.

As countries grow and their economies grow, some of the most explosive growth occurs in the logistics sector. Indeed, the need for transportation increases dramatically as more and more people begin to commute to work, families can afford leisure activities, businesses and individuals send more mail, and new Infrastructure developments require the movement of raw materials.

This is particularly evident in sub-Saharan Africa, where countries are currently experiencing extraordinary economic growth that is straining their logistics systems. Due to the explosive need for transport, new opportunities have opened up for local entrepreneurs, namely taxi and parcel delivery drivers who can earn an above average income.

Today, millions of taxis and delivery services operate in African countries, some driving up to 16 hours a day, often covering hundreds of kilometers a day. Many rely on cheap and outdated motorcycles that are not equipped with modern emission reduction technologies. These motorcycles are extremely inefficient and cost the majority of the drivers income in fuel.

On average, motorcycle taxi and delivery drivers earn $5.90 and spend $4.40 on fuel per day, leaving them with a daily income of just $1.90. After taking into account the maintenance costs, the drivers have almost nothing left to feed and clothe their families. Obviously, the current growth of the market in Africa requires new logistics solutions because the existing solutions are expensive and polluting.

Many new and existing logistics entrepreneurs have turned to Bob Eco, a renewable energy and electric vehicle company that provides hire-purchase two- and three-wheel electric vehicles in developing countries.

Bob Eco is the first for-profit social crypto company advocating for job creation. The platform offers asset financing in emerging markets and offers “underserved” people the opportunity to purchase a Bob motorcycle and create a stable income.

An electric motor is different from a conventional gasoline engine because it has instantaneous torque. As soon as you accelerate, the power is delivered and the acceleration is instantaneous, which means great power and speed in the motorcycle, perfect for city or off-road riding. Additionally, the bike has no clutch or gears, creating a more accessible, intuitive and easier to ride bike for young new riders. And most important of all, the

Bob Eco’s vehicles are painted in a bright orange color to aid visibility, are extremely easy to maintain and are specifically designed to meet the needs of taxi and delivery drivers. In addition, all Bob Eco drivers enjoy free access to Bob Eco’s extensive network of battery exchange and charging stations. Without fuel costs, Bob Eco drivers nearly quadruple their take-home pay.

With their world-class vehicle designs and free battery and swap stations, Bob Eco provides the first consumer electric vehicles that cost less to own, maintain and operate than their fuel-powered counterparts. This makes Bob Eco the obvious choice for drivers in Africa and has led to massive demand for their products. But Bob Eco’s winning formula doesn’t stop there.

Bob Eco cares deeply about its drivers and is invested in their success. Bob Eco staff actively support customers in their endeavors, and Bob Eco bikes all have added benefits. A unique package covers motorcycle rental, high-quality safety equipment, life and medical insurance for riders and their families, and rider training at Bob Eco’s Bob Academy.

Most drivers in developing African countries hit the road without any prior training. However, all Bob Eco drivers are required to take driving lessons at the Bob Academy. These courses resemble those one would expect in developed countries and conclude with written and conducted exams. Before setting out on their own, all Bob Eco drivers are required to pass these exams, ensuring they are fully prepared for any challenges they may face on the road.

With its all-inclusive package, Bob Eco helps micro, small and medium logistics companies open successful businesses and support their families. With the savings drivers realize from driving Bob Eco’s world-class electric vehicles, drivers can better support their families and upgrade their homes with much-needed amenities like running water. Once drivers have paid their lease (maximum term of 30 months), they are encouraged to continue using Bob Eco’s free charging stations. This means they are able to run their business at no cost, and the extra money in their pockets not only allows them to live better, but also saves money and invests in the future of their children.

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