Want to own a motorcycle business? Carducci Dual Sport is selling!

Have you always dreamed of owning your own motorcycle business? Carducci Dual Sport sells all the rights to manufacture its unconventional adventure bike, the SC3 Gera Baja, a true maverick among custom dual sports, powered by a Harley-Davidson V-twin engine.

The SC3 was designed by Jim Carducci, a custom motorcycle builder whose background in aerospace and semiconductor engineering for Silicon Valley tech companies makes him a particularly capable gearbox.

Carducci Dual Sport Harley-Davidson SC3 Gera Baja

It took years to come up with the current version of the SC3 Gera Baja, named after Tony Gera, the 2016 Baja 1000 Ironman champion, who not only expertly contributed to the project but also the riding chops to torture de adequately the prototype version. of SC3.

The bike is based on the Sportster engine, hallmarked at 1275 cc and producing over 100 horsepower. Its 435-pound dry weight is respectable, as is the 10 inches of front and rear travel provided by a custom WP RaceTech setup. CDS designed the machined aluminum swingarm and Beringer the brakes, while Woodys built the Excel wheels, a 21-inch front and an 18-inch rear. There’s a five gallon fuel tank, custom Corbin seat, and a handcrafted 2-in-1 manifold by BTR Moto with a Leo Vince spark arrester muffler. Other perks include foot controls, a skid plate, and in-house manufactured crash bars.

Carducci Dual Sport Harley-Davidson SC3 Gera Baja
Carducci Dual Sport Harley-Davidson SC3 Gera Baja

So what exactly is for sale? Jim sells the manufacturing right to the parts he designed, which includes detailed 2D and 3D CAD drawings and models for these parts as well as the complete bike, complete BOM (list of materials), assembly instructions, exclusive use of SC3 Gera Baja patent and manufacturing rights. Basically, you buy the design, the know-how to build it and the rights to sell it.

Jim, who isn’t at all afraid of being compared to Eric Buell, says he’s witnessed such interest in the SC3 that he wants to see it handed over to someone who can focus on targeted manufacturing. , while keeping his attention on that he and Carducci Dual Sport specialize in: the design, documentation, prototyping and testing of new customs.

Carducci Dual Sport Harley-Davidson SC3 Gera Baja
Carducci Dual Sport Harley-Davidson SC3 Gera Baja

So what is the asking price for instant motorcycle maker status? Jim told us he was looking somewhere around $ 150,000 for the package, and an additional $ 48,000 for SC3 Gera Baja CB # 1, the first and only “controlled build” of the bike, replicated using the models. CAD, CAD Drawings and Complete Bill of Materials to prove its reproducibility to specifications.

“CB # 1 is the only one we will sell. We will leave it to the team that purchases the manufacturing rights to put more SC3 Gera Baja on the roads and trails. We have our SC3 Gera Baja prototype which we plan to keep. Watch for him on the desert trails or maybe he will appear on a future race in the desert, ”says Carducci.

Carducci Dual Sport Harley-Davidson SC3 Gera Baja

Granted, that’s a lot to bite into, but the motorcycle industry is seeing a wave of new riders and the adventure segment a virtual tidal wave of newcomers. It is certainly better to choose something that expands the boundaries of the segment rather than replicating what is already in abundance.

And as a bonus, you’d be the first civilian to rumble on an SC3 Gera Baja dual-sport motorcycle, raising your eyebrows at stops with that potato-potato exhaust note, then perching like it’s all in their head.

For more details or to contact Carducci, visit carduccidualsport.com

Author: Jamie Elvidge

Jamie has been a motorcycle journalist for over 30 years, testing the entire line of bikes for major print magazines and specializing in stories related to adventure travel. To date, she has written and provided photographs for articles describing what it’s like to ride in all 50 states and 43 foreign countries, receiving two Lowell Thomas Society of American Travel Writer’s Awards along the way. His most difficult adventure to date was participating in the GS Trophy 2018 in Mongolia as an integrated reporter for Team AusAmerica.

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