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Typical hunting trip

A sought-after Christian’s point of view, a very seasoned hunter, on a hunting trip. I see something I want to do. I tend to do it all and focus on it. You know, if a mountain is setting there and I’m looking at it and I feel pretty good being on top of it. So maybe I’ll kick him out. Maybe I’ll go skiing. I mean, obviously I like the food aspect, but I’ll be honest, I hunt horns too. I love trophies. The woman is quite patient with me. I think I have six elk in the house. The combination of all of the above, the food, the company with their friends being outdoors. And it really is a super glorified camping trip. And it’s pretty close sometimes with some of the trips we do. There’s an elk tag that we really try to get in Idaho every year that ends up in the semis. And I mean, I’m 32 miles from a truck and I can do about six miles past the truck in the ATV. Then we can do the rest. They open the single path for motorcycles. And so instead of using horses, we can move a nice little base camp. It’s what you can put in your bag or attach to your motorcycle. But when we get it we end up spending two weeks in October in these mountains and it usually starts at 50 during the day and 30 at night and usually around the time we leave. Sometimes it doesn’t go above freezing and it gets as cold as 10 degrees at night. And gears come a long way as you’re pretty comfortable, but just little things like having water that doesn’t freeze. Yeah, the basics.

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