TVS Raider 125 test


The Raider offers a younger, fun and engaging take on what a 125cc commuter motorcycle can be.

When it comes to motorcycles, especially basic mass market commuters, manufacturers generally stick to the proven formula. Bikes in this space usually stand out with minor aesthetic differences and one or two unique features. When it comes to the Raider 125, TVS didn’t go for the usual safe approach. Our review of the trail found this to be a pretty fun little bike, however, that is only half the story as it has to prove itself in real conditions. Here is how it happened.


A lot is expected of a 125cc commuter motorcycle. The last of those things, for most buyers, is performance. Despite this, TVS paid him a lot of attention. While 11.4 horsepower and 11.2 Nm of maximum torque doesn’t seem like much, and it isn’t, it’s the way it delivers its power that will put a smile on your face.

Firstly, its loud exhaust note plays a big part in adding the overall character experience. The bike’s 0-60 km / h and 0-80 km / h lap times are also the fastest in the segment, and it shows. The Raider 125 doesn’t feel slow, and it’s quite energetic compared to its direct rivals. The levels of refinement are also very impressive, with only a tiny hint of vibration felt through the seat.

Eco mode lowers the rev limiter.

The Raider 125 is also manoeuvrable and capable of cruising up to 35 km / h in fifth gear. So it should come as no surprise that this is an excellent motorcycle in traffic. On the other hand, something else that left us rather impressed was how easy this bike is at 80 km / h. We even managed to get it to 118 km / h.


Spend some time on the Raider 125 and you will truly appreciate the engineers who designed it. The ride quality is smooth and supple, smoothing out most ripples. It’s set up so well that even big potholes don’t really bother this lightweight bike.

That’s not all, it’s very light and agile, with almost instant handling that might surprise you at first. However, you can get used to it pretty quickly. When it comes to braking, we have found that equal use of the front and rear brakes results in the best braking performance.


The commuter space is full of motorcycles with flat, one-piece seats. The Raider, on the other hand, uses a stronger and more stylish split seat. The driver and passenger seats are also well padded.

Under the passenger seat is a tidy storage space, which has proven to be very useful. The TVS Raider 125 is equipped with a multicolored LCD screen that displays a lot of information. It includes a gear position indicator, two tripometers, fuel economy, range and more.

The multi-color LCD screen is lovely.

Another important feature is Eco and Power driving modes. Eco mode brings the rev limiter to 8,000 rpm in the first four gears and 7,000 rpm in the fifth gear. It also allows automatic start / stop. While this feature was more geared towards the pull factor, it did improve fuel economy slightly. Despite its vigorous performance, overall fuel economy is on par with the competition and our testing with the Raider produced similar numbers to the Hero Glamor XTEC we tested last month.

WHO dares to win

Powerful performance, segment-unmatched fuel mileage and impressive dynamics combine to make the Raider a younger, more engaging and fun-to-ride bike than any of its rivals. And at Rs 85,469 (Disc variant), it costs about the same price as its rivals. If you’re looking for the affordability, comfort, and functionality of a commuter bike, but also want a young, fun-to-ride bike, it doesn’t get better than this.


The Character Raider is a powerful addition to the 125cc commuter segment.


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