Triumph seems to get dirty with MX and Dual Sport rides


Triumph Motorcycles is delighted to report that development is well advanced on a full line of all new Motocross and Enduro (Dual Sport) competition bikes. Joining our class-leading and world-renowned range of motorcycles, this all-new MX and Enduro racing family will bring all the Triumph engineering expertise to runners and runners around the world.

“Today’s announcement marks the start of a new chapter for the Triumph brand, which everyone at Triumph is incredibly happy to be a part of. We are 100% committed to making a lasting impact in this highly competitive and demanding world, with a unique ambition to deliver a winning lineup of motorcycles for a whole new generation of Triumph riders ”- Nick Bloor: CEO Triumph Motorcycles Ltée

This will be accompanied by a defining moment for Triumph and the world of MX and Enduro racing with a whole new Triumph factory racing program and a commitment to top championship racing in the motocross and enduro series.

Going hand in hand with this commitment to run and win at the highest level in sport, Triumph is proud to announce that world motocross legend Ricky Carmichael and five-time world enduro champion Iván Cervantes have joined the Triumph family as active partners in bike trials and race preparation.

“I am delighted to announce that I am joining the Triumph family and even more delighted to be part of their new company in the off-road product category.

It is an incredible opportunity for me to join this historic brand, and I am honored and honored to be a part of the development and release of their off-road motorcycles. Building something from scratch is something that really intrigues me at this point in my career. What impresses me is Triumph’s dedication and passion to develop a premium product. Everyone that I have been involved in this project, engineers, design groups, R&D department, etc., have shown extreme passion for what they do and this is the recipe for success and something that i like to be part. We all share the same passion, and that is to be the best.

If you know the Triumph brand, you already know that the craftsmanship is top notch, and off-road models will follow their past!

Not only are these times exciting for me, but it’s an exciting time for the off-road industry to add another brand to the mix and the opportunities available to all off-road consumers. I can’t wait to see the reactions when these models hit the dealership showrooms. – Ricky Carmichael

An announcement of the schedule for the launch and unveiling of the motorcycles, as well as the racing program and the full story on the benefits of the new product Triumph The MX and Enduro offer will follow in the coming months.

Triumph MX Enduro Dual Sport IvanCervantes

“I’ve loved Triumph motorcycles since I was a kid, seen them in movies and on TV. So working with Triumph from the start of this project is an amazing opportunity for me not only because it works with one of the biggest motorcycle brands in the world, but also to be part of building something from zero. It’s a dream come true for any runner!

Like me, everyone I work with at Triumph focuses on optimizing motorcycles. I can’t wait to see the bikes compete globally, but I also look forward to the moment when I can find myself at a Triumph dealership and know that I was a part of this very special project. -Ivan Cervantes


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