Top 10 Dual Sport Motorcycle Tires 2022

Adventure bikes are all the rage right now, and not only have they improved electronic riding aids, they’ve also made great strides in tire technology, developing tires that seem to do the impossible. working well both on-road and off-road. Just as every manufacturer should have an adventure bike in their catalog, every tire manufacturer should have a dual-sport tire available.

That means the range is as wide as it is bewildering, so here’s our list of the ten best dual-sport tires in 2022.


dunlop Rear tire D606

These tires are ideal for aggressive off-road driving, providing excellent traction on any loose or hard surface. The large center tread block gives good stability, and the wide drainage channels shed water and run-off mud well.

The key thing about this tire on the road is that it’s constructed from two compounds so the center section, where you’ll be riding most of the time, is a harder, more wear-resistant rubber compound. so that you don’t wear the tire unnecessarily while going to and from the trail. It also means you can use these tires as an everyday tire without compromising your fun on the weekend trails.

Kenda K270 Dual Sport

It’s not a name you might know if you’re a dedicated road cyclist, but Kenda’s dual-sport tires have built a solid reputation over the years.

The K270 is a great low-cost tire, with a much less aggressive tread than the other dual sport tires on this list. But it handles well on-road, and although off-road the tread is a little too close to deal with excessively muddy conditions, it does provide good grip on loose surfaces. Particular advantages are its performance on the road in wet weather and its marginal rate of wear.

It will work great tubeless and is exceptionally easy to mount to the rim, a bonus for those who prefer to mount their own tires or replace a tire in the wild.

Shinko 705 Dual Sport

With an 80/20 on-road/off-road tread pattern, the Shinko 705 is the perfect tire for those who will spend the majority of their time on the road but need to be able to navigate forests and wilderness trails when the mood strikes. takes it from them.

The big block tread pattern provides excellent grip on wet or dry roads, and while it may lack the ultimate grip of more aggressive off-road designs, it will still work well if you just don’t. not push the off-road performance envelope too far.

This is a great tire if you ride a mid-weight adventure bike and the tread should last at least 5,000 miles.

Finally, the price is very attractive but that does not mean that the quality has been sacrificed. DOT approved.

Mission Dunlop Trailmax

Rated as a 50/50 on and off road tire, the Dunlop Trailmax is the perfect all-around tire. The tread blocks are strong and staggered across the face of the tire to provide excellent stability and stiffness.

The wrap-around tread helps protect the tire from punctures when driving in rocky sections and the tire compound has been perfected to provide the best compromise between grip and mileage performance.

Another 50/50 dual sport tire, it is specifically designed to cope with the weight and power of larger adventure bikes. As well as its good on-road and off-road performance, the bias-ply construction ensures incredible tire life, making it perfect for that long-haul planning, where budgetary and practical constraints mean changing tires is a no-brainer. is often simply not possible.

A herringbone tread pattern works well on the road, and the wide block spacing gives good off-road traction.

Pirelli Rally Scorpion STR

Pirelli is one of the big tire manufacturers, with its sports tires being extremely popular. The same goes for their dual-sport tires which, although they may be expensive, do very well what they are designed to do.

It’s described as an 80/20 on-road/off-road tire, which is surprising given the aggressive tread, but it performs surprisingly well on-road while providing good stability and consistent, predictable off-road handling.

It’s a 60/40 tire, but don’t expect it to perform well on any surface. It’s not the cheapest tire on the market but – if that’s important to you – it looks the part, even if you don’t intend to head off-road. There’s no denying that adventure bikes look a lot better with big knobby tires.

Another tire more suited to larger adventure bikes, you should see 3-4000 miles from a rear tire, although excessively hot surfaces will cause the tire to wear out much faster.

This tire is at the higher end of the price range, but you are buying quality.

Bridgestone Battlax Adventurecross AX41

Designed with a 40/60 on/off-road bias in mind, the Bridgestone was engineered to give good tire life, which isn’t always possible with aggressive tire tread design. of adventure.

With approximately 30% more tread block area (the part of the tread that touches the pavement) than the previous Adventure A41 tire, it grips the road surprisingly well, even in the wet, with a remarkably low noise from the tread. This is aided by the fact that the tread knobs are offset so that one is always in contact with the road surface. The knobs also usefully spread around the edge of the tire, providing much better cornering grip than you’d expect.

The rear tire is 30% stiffer than before, reducing tread wear and improving off-road performance, where tread stability is essential for predictable handling.

This is an exceptional 80/20 adventure tire from the French manufacturer. Each tire has four separate compounds to give both good wear in the middle of the tire and progressively more cornering grip, with the harder compound reserved for the center strip of the rear tire.

With its smooth, chunky look, the Anakee is excellent on the road, tracks straight and true and isn’t distracted by grooves or seams. There are huge amounts of road grip, even in the wet. It is also an extremely quiet tire, ideal for long journeys.

Off-road, these tires reward smooth throttle operation, and maintaining momentum is key if the grade gets particularly steep or gnarly. For this reason, perhaps a tire for the more experienced rider.

Aimed at medium to large adventure bikes, the latest development of the Karoo sees an increase in performance across the board.

The tread pattern is the outward expression of the changes and the tread pattern is noticeably different from the previous Karoo 3. Metzeler claims the new tread pattern puts more rubber on the road at all moment while preventing clogging in muddy conditions.

While the front tire has a single rubber compound, the rear has a harder center tread and softer shoulders for cornering grip. Holds up well to over 100bhp which is normal in adventure bikes these days and the rear tire hooks up well if you aren’t too aggressive with the throttle.

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