Top 10 Dual Sport Bike Manufacturers

You wouldn’t go to Harley looking for a top sport bike for the track. just like you wouldn’t look to Ducati for a complete touring bike. When it comes to buying a bike, you go to the manufacturer that is known for producing high performance bikes for the style you want to do. Dual-sport motorcycles are a unique category, however. These bikes need to go from road to dirt without sacrificing performance or reliability. These manufacturers have understood this well. Each with a history of quality production, look to these ten manufacturers for your next dual-sport motorcycle.


10/10 Husqvarna

Husqvarna dual sport motorcycle in the desert.

Husqvarna came on the market in 1903. The company reached its peak in the 60s and 70s. These days, the company is best known for its off-road motorcycles. To grab the majority of the market share, the company uses high-end parts such as Brembo, Keihin and WP. Through the current ownership you will see the influences of KTM and Husaberg motorcycles. The same parent company owns all three companies. The company entered new territory in 2017 by introducing the enduro model line.

9/10 KTM

KTM dual sport motorcycle in the sand dunes.

The KTM The brand receives a lot of accolades, winning numerous awards for its off-road, motocross and supercross performance. The company prioritizes build competition bikes. It also does not fit into the Japanese peloton of motorcycle manufacturer trends. What enthusiasts get is a range of bikes that stand out from the crowd and outperform in performance. For example, KTM chooses to use chrome-molybdenum steel frames instead of aluminum frames. Of course, you’ll also stand out with the company’s bright orange brand color. It seems to make its way onto every bike. Although the company offers an impressive line of dual-sport bikes, it also produces touring, enduro, and adventure bikes. So you are sure to find something that exactly suits your needs.

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8/10 Kawasaki

Kawasaki KLX Dual Sport Motorcycle

Did you know that motorcycles represent only a very small part of Kawasaki Industries? There are divisions such as aerospace, trains, jet engines, navigation, robotics and heavy machinery. As far as motorcycles go, it’s one of Japan’s big four. Although it has made a name for itself on the racetrack and with producing sport bikes, these are not the only types of bikes that Kawasaki builds. It offers a wide range of off-road, dual-sport and adventure bikes. Kawasaki’s size and financial backing allow it to do extensive research and development. Riders benefit from the ability to ride a quality bike on and off the road.

7/10 Suzuki

Suzuki dual sport motorcycle in the mountains.

Another of Japan’s Big Four motorcycle manufacturers, Suzuki started in 1909 as a manufacturer of industrial looms for the silk industry. It was not until 1952 that It started producing motorcycles. These days, Suzuki is a powersports company, making everything from watersports equipment to motorcycles and off-road machines. While the Hayabusa can get all the attention, don’t overlook dual-sport bikes. Suzuki regularly places itself at the top of dirt and off-road competitions. They are lightweight, affordable and durable. The company focuses on producing practical yet fun machines. They may lack the frills, but they pack a lot of thrills.

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6/10 Honda

2023 Honda CRF250RX studio side shot

In 1949 Honda started as a bicycle company. He then switched to fuel engines, which led the company to produce cars and motorcycles. Thanks to the company’s roots as an engine manufacturer, its motorcycles consistently rank well in racing competitions. Honda has the unique distinction of having the largest and most widespread model line of motorcycles. Tiny minibikes and GROMS at the heavy Gold Wing, there’s something for everyone. Its volume does not detract from its quality. Hondas have a reputation for reliability. They are also easy to work with, making them great bikes for someone on a budget.​​​​​​​

5/10 Yamaha

Yamaha dual sport motorcycle on gravel

It was on the racetrack where Yamaha makes its name. After its establishment in 1955, it was the first Japanese motorcycle manufacturer to race internationally. It became the company that competed on and off the road. Despite the company’s beginnings as a musical instrument company, it is now one of Japan’s Big Four motorcycle companies. Its lightweight line of enduro, off-road and dirt bikes are affordable enough for everyone. They are also easy enough for beginners to have fun with. With so many bikes in its lineup, you can easily grow as your skills and experience grow.​​​​​​​

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4/10 RSS

Side profile view of Benelli TRK 502 X motorcycle

Founded in 2002, SSR Motorsports is one of the newer companies on this list. However, during its short period of activity, the company has made a name for itself. Its cutting edge designs and far superior engineering have helped the bikes stand out from the mixed sports crowd. Beyond the bikes themselves, owners appreciate extensive dealer support, exceptional customer service and comprehensive warranties. The model line originally included only enduro, dirt and dual-sport bikes. It then expanded into the UTV market to compete with the four-wheeler market. Experience these niche bikes for yourself and appreciate how easy to maneuver and economical they are.

3/10 Beta

Beta dual-sport motorcycle

Hidden deep in California’s wine country is a small motorcycle company called Beta. He specialized in enduro motorcycles for decades, but the range has grown and matured into an impressive group of machines. The company now produces dual-sport, all-mountain and trials bikes. Although the company is based in the United States, all components are designed and manufactured in Italy. It gives you American ingenuity combined with Italian craftsmanship and design. The result is a motorcycle that outshines the competition while being fun to ride in your downtime. Whether you choose a two-stroke or a four-stroke, you can’t go wrong.​​​​​​​

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2/10 GDS

SWM SM500R RW Dual Sport Motorcycle

This is an Italian motorcycle brand that you have probably never heard of. Beyond Ducati and MV Agusta, Speedy Working Motors (SWM) is targeting the enduro and dual-sport market. In 1971, two Italian off-road enthusiasts founded the company. Despite massive success, the company failed to pull itself together and ran into financial difficulties in the 1980s. Fortunately, someone bought the masthead and brought the brand back to life. The company thrives on selling vintage-inspired enduro bikes at an affordable price. The bikes are aimed at a unique market segment that doesn’t want aggressive Japanese bikes but isn’t willing to drop the dough for an expensive KTM or Husqvarna.​​​​​​​

1/10 Christine

CHRISTINI All-wheel drive 450 Dual Sport

Riders outside the world of dirt and dual sport may not be familiar with Christini. The company hasn’t been around as long as the others on this list. She developed her first prototype bike in 1995. She started sales in 2001. However, it wasn’t until 2004 that she prototyped her first motorcycle. In 2007, the first Christini motorcycles hit the mainstream market. Motorcycles exploded like wildfire, winning competitions, setting speed records and attracting the attention of the military. The bikes are now used by the military and the US Border Patrol. The bikes have a cult following of enthusiasts who understand the beauty of this little brand.

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