This 1969 Honda SL350 K0 Dual-Sport is ready to use


Today we have specialty motorcycles — sportbikes, ADV, trial, cruisers, various flavors of dirt bikes, etc. — to fill every niche of motorcycling imaginable. However, before the off-road motorcycle boom of the 1970s, most OEMs did not offer a dual sport model dedicated to off-road adventures. In the late 1960s, brands began equipping road bikes with off-road tires and selling them as entirely new platforms. Honda made such a decision when he slapped dirt tires on his CB350 and renamed it SL350. Now a perfectly restored SL350 K0 is up for auction on Bring A Trailer.

The SL350 arrived to its current owner in a state of disrepair. To restore it to its former glory, the little bisport underwent a massive reconstruction between March 2020 and January 2021. After spraying the engine block and crankcases, the seller also sharpened the cylinders. The 326cc air-cooled parallel twin puts out 36 horsepower, and all that punch is sent to the rear wheel via a five-speed transmission. Vintage parts like the Keihin dual carbs and dual exhaust with zinc-plated heat shields also add a touch of authenticity.

Union Cycle supplies the 19-inch front and 18-inch rear metal spoked wheels with Duro tires. A new speedometer reads over 8,000 miles, but the total mileage is unknown. The conventional fork and dual-shock setup align with the SL’s retro form and function, but the tall MX handlebars and tall mirror stems bring it all home. Drum brakes, a steering damper, and an electric starter / starter continue the theme, and the blue / white paint job steals the show.

The royal tint on the fenders, fuel tank and side covers works perfectly with the silver painted chassis and chrome components. The refurbished lighting and seat cover tick the final boxes, and the SL350 K0 looks as crisp as the day it rolled out of the factory. If you’re able to handle the lethal amounts of vintage vibes this Honda SL350 gives off, you can pick them up at the unreserved auction on Bring A Trailer.


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