Swedish hardware manufacturer USWE introduces Core Dual-Sport backpacks


Unlike adventure motorcycles, dual-sport and enduro motorcycles do not offer the carrying capacity for night trail exploration. Sure, luggage options are available, but many off-road riders prefer a compact backpack over bulky saddlebags. Backpacks can also have their drawbacks, with several options lacking secure harness systems or restrictive capabilities.

Swedish brand USWE is hoping its new Core backpacks will solve the luggage conundrum for dual sport and enduro riders by delivering premium features in a lightweight package. Using the brand’s exclusive NDM (No Dancing Monkey) 2.0 + Snug-Me harness system, the Core Backpack attaches to the rider’s sternum, eliminating bouncing in the ruts and gnarly screams. Completing the harness system, a lap belt adds extra stability and has two very accessible pockets.

Five strap loops on each shoulder strap and nine loops on the back allow users to attach additional pouches or LED lights. USWE includes a zippered molded tool case with every Core backpack as well as dedicated pockets for a smartphone and riding goggles. For added comfort, riders can easily adjust the multi-size rear panel to suit their preferences, and a ventilation system keeps the user cool when things get hot on the track.

The Core backpack is also hydration compatible for long off-road trips. The external attachment points of the backpack armor also help to enhance protection on the trail. Despite all the features of the Core line, an external compression system helps maintain a slim profile. Available in 16 and 25 liter versions, the latest USWE bags will suit a wide range of off-roaders.

Whether you’re packing light or bringing the sink from the kitchen, the USWE Core should have you covered for a full day of driving. At $ 239.95, the 16-liter option is a great place to start, but the 25-liter version offers the best value at $ 249.95. Both Core backpacks are available now on the USWE website and ready to help you hit the track this summer.


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