Shadow Creek dual-sport star pledges to PVAMU

Over the past two weeks, safety and outfielder DeJuan “Seatbelt” Lewis has made a life-changing decision…where they want to play at the next level.

The difference for Lewis, however, is that he will play two sports in college: football and baseball. Lewis committed to VYPE Instagram Live at PVAMU, choosing them over Texas State, Nevada and the University of South Dakota.

VYPE spoke several times before Lewis’ engagement.

VYPE: What made you choose Prairie view A&M over those other schools that offered it to you?

DeJuan: “When I walked onto campus, I immediately felt at home. They have blessed me with the opportunity to compete at the next level in the sport. Coach (Bubba) McDowell and the other coaches said they needed a “dawg” to help them with this takeover of HBCU. The fact that it’s HBCU makes it so much better.”

VYPE: What does it mean to you to be able to play both sports at the next level?

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DeJuan: “It really means the world to me. When I was in 7th grade, I saw myself in college playing football and baseball. When I got to high school, I made it my personal goal to go to college on a two-way scholarship. My school was brand new and had never signed a multi-sport athlete to a two-way deal, so I wanted to be first. I was blessed with the opportunity. So to play two sports at the top level is truly a dream come true.”

VYPE: What were some of the determining factors in making this decision?

Dejuan: “The biggest factor was family. I love them to death and want them in every game. Another big factor when narrowing down my picks was the ability to go both ways. It was my dream , that’s what my family and I kept pushing. to the coaches. And another factor was playing time. I want to have the opportunity to play. Coach McDowell sees a lot in me and I plan on him give no less than 1000%.”

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VYPE: What are you most excited about next year at PVAMU?

DeJuan: “Getting the opportunity to experience life in an HBCU, getting the chance to play with my former teammates and playing whenever my name is called. It’s not if it’s going to be called, it’s when.

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