Refined Honda Africa Twin to cover Honda’s first new product announcement in 2022

For its first new product announcement of the calendar year, American Honda is announcing the return of several popular motorcycle models. Heading this group is the Africa Twin adventure touring platform, including the standard sport version and the kilometer-hungry Adventure Sports SE, both offered with a manual gearbox or transmission. Honda’s advanced dual-clutch automatic. The Africa Twin is back with a number of refinements targeted to improve the driving experience.

The other models included in the announcement – the agile CBR1000RR sports bike and the versatile Rebel 500 and 300 cruisers – come in new colors for 2022.


Since its reintroduction in 2016, the legendary Africa Twin adventure tourism platform has undergone constant improvements aimed at implementing its ‘True Adventure’ philosophy, and this is again the case for the model year. 2022. The standard version focused on sports and off-road performance now comes with the same rear rack as its brother Adventure Sports ES, more focused on distance driving. Meanwhile, this version gets a shorter windshield for better visibility. Both Africa Twin versions are compatible with Apple CarPlay® and Android Auto ™, and both are available with a manual gearbox or Honda’s advanced dual-clutch automatic transmission, which has a program shift for 2022, offering a shift smoother speed in lower gears.

  • MSRP
    • Africa Twin Adventure Sports SE DCT: $ 17,999
    • Africa Twin Adventure Sports SE: $ 17,199
    • Africa Twin DCT: $ 15,199
    • Twin Africa: $ 14,399
  • Colors
    • Africa Twin Adventure Sports SE: Pearl White
    • Africa Twin: Red Grand Prix


Designed around a “total control” philosophy, Honda’s CBR1000RR has always favored turns, acceleration and braking, a combination that has earned the bike legendary status. Despite the model’s enviable racing heritage, this dual-R version fills a new, dedicated value role in Honda’s sports bike lineup, alongside the track-driven CBR1000RR-R Fireblade SP.

  • MSRP
    • ABS CBR1000RR: $ 16,799
    • CBR1000RR: $ 16,499
  • Color: Grand Prix Red

REBEL 500 / REBEL 300

By far the most popular entry-level cruiser models in the powersports industry, the Honda Rebel 300 and Rebel 500 are responsible for introducing legions of new riders to motorcycling. That’s not surprising given their combination of user-friendliness and sleek, minimalist design, including an iconic peanut-shaped fuel tank, LED lighting, and blacked-out engine and components. They also offer unparalleled fun, with a narrow frame, a comfortable ride setup, nimble handling and available ABS. Riders can choose from a wide range of Honda accessories or opt for the Rebel 500 ABS SE (offered in a new matte silver color for 2022), which takes the “Born Rebel” a step further by including some preinstalled accessories.

  • MSRP
    • Rebel 500 ABS SE: $ 6,799
    • Rebel 500 ABS: $ 6,599
    • Rebel 500: $ 6,299
    • Rebel 300 ABS: $ 4,899
    • Rebel 300: $ 4,599
  • Colors
    • Rebel 500 ABS SE: matt silver
    • Rebel 500: matt gray metallic; Pearl white matt
    • Rebel 300: matt gray metallic; Pearl blue

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