Recklessly driven SUV hits biker on Delhi road; video goes viral: The Tribune India

New Delhi, June 6

A video of a recklessly driven SUV hitting a motorbike on a road in the nation’s capital has gone viral on social media, prompting Delhi police to take notice of the crash.

Sources said the incident happened in Arjangarh area of ​​South Delhi on Sunday when a group of bikers were riding on motorbikes.

In the video, the bikers could be seen arguing with an SUV driver (Mahindra Scorpio) while riding their bikes.

In the 45-second clip posted by a user named Anurag R Iyer, the Scorpion could be seen being driven recklessly by the driver for the last 10 seconds and then hitting one of the bikers.

The motorcyclist, identified as Shreyansh, 20, fell off his motorbike and hit the railing on the other side of the road.

While wearing a helmet, he received minor bruises.

“Please help us, the driver of the Scorpio car almost killed a few of our drivers and threatened to kill us by running us under the car. This is not what we are voting for or let’s pay taxes. No one was seriously injured. Gears respects pilots,” Iyer wrote on Twitter.

In response to Iyer’s tweet, Delhi Police requested the user’s contact details. “Thank you for contacting Delhi Police. Please DM your details so that we can reach you,” he said. IANS

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