PETRONAS TVS Racing Team Prepares for 2022 INMRC and One-Make Championship

PETRONA TVS Racing team Apache RR 310

TVS Motor Company’s factory racing team, PETRONAS TVS Racing, is gearing up for the Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship 2022 and its One Make Championship. India’s premier factory race team will compete in both the Pro Stock 165cc class with the Apache RTR 165 RP and the Pro-Stock 301cc to 400cc segment with the TVS Apache RR310.

The PETRONAS TVS Racing team consists of drivers Jagan Kumar, KY Ahamad and Deepak Ravikumar. All three will compete in both the 165cc and 300cc – 400cc classes. The latter category will also see Asian TVS Racing driver Vorapong Malahuan join the three drivers.

INMRC 2022 will also host the PETRONAS TVS One-Make Championship which will consist of four categories – Rookie Category, Women’s Category, Media Racer Program and RR 310 (Race of Champions) Category.
The Women’s category and Young Media Racer programs will see selected riders compete in the TVS Apache RTR 200 race. The Rookie category will see participants as young as 17 years old, compete in the category designed specifically for the TVS Apache RR 200 race. . While the RR 310 class eminently known as the Race of Champion will see 12 riders go head-to-head in the racing version of the company’s flagship motorcycle, the TVS Apache RR 310.

The Indian National Motorcycle Racing Championship 2022 will be held over a period of four months for five rounds at Kari Motor Speedway. The first round will start from June 10-12, followed by the second round from July 8-12. The third round and the fourth round will take place in August and September respectively. And the last round will run from September 30 to October 2.

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