New off-road route / Available now! Cabot Trail Dual Sport and Adventure Motorcycle Guide

A few weeks ago, we told you about the YouTube channel Trail Trash and its project: an on-road and off-road driving guide for the Cabot Trail, on Cape Breton Island in Nova Scotia. Now this guide is ready.

See the Trail Trash YouTube video below for an overview of what to expect, and a quick explanation on how to download the map file:

If you are heading towards Trail Trash website to download the GPX, here is how it describes this route:

The Cabot Trail Dualsport and Adventure Motorcycle Guide is a trail guide and itinerary for all competent Dualsport or Adventure off-road motorcyclists visiting the Cabot Trail in Cape Breton, Nova Scotia. There are a number of amazing places labeled “Points of Interest” in the guide, which most people pass by without knowing or have never heard of. It also happens that most of these “points of interest” are only accessible to vehicles that can handle off-road conditions. The guide will start in Baddeck and travel counterclockwise around the Cabot Trail before ending in Port Hawkesbury.

Wait, where’s the Cabot Trail?

If you’re an American living west of the Great Lakes, maybe you’ve heard of the Cabot Trail, maybe not, but chances are you’ve never been there (if you are a Canadian west of the Great Lakes Lakes, chances are you will have heard of, but you can’t force yourself to cross two days of prairie plus a few days of Canadian Shield rocks and trees to get there). But if you live on the east coast of North America and are a serious motorcyclist, you’ve probably heard of the excellent ride of this Canadian outpost. The Cabot Trail isn’t technically a trail (it’s all paved, unless you count the constant construction), but it’s definitely a to-do list item for many cyclists, although I hate to use that crabby term.

The Cabot Trail itself is a great place to ride the causeway, but unless you’re there early or late in the season, you’ll encounter heavy tourist traffic (see my story of an early season trip there in 2019 – Part 1 and Part 2.). For me, the curves and inclines of the trail are great fun, but you can find other bends without RVs clogging the roads of Atlantic Canada or New England. Instead of just focusing on the Cabot Trail itself, I also like to explore the rest of Cape Breton, when I can; there are plenty of spots with amazing views and winding roads if you’re willing to get off the main drag.

That’s what this Trail Trash project is all about. If all goes as planned this summer, I’m going on an expedition to report on this new adventure route, as long as the weather cooperates and my old sport doubles up. Stay tuned – this could be the chance to discover a new all-time favorite driving destination.

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