My Royal Enfield Interceptor 650: 3 years & 22,500 km update

It’s been 3,300 km on the 17-inch wheels and the setup works perfectly well. There is no sign of oscillation at any speed.

BHPian Torino recently shared this with other enthusiasts.

The Silver Blitz 650 is now 3 years old with 22,500 km at the ODO.


  • Timeless and clean retro looks.
  • Refined engine with a sweet exhaust growl that delivers usable power and torque around town and on the highway.
  • Endless list of spare parts and accessories.
  • The 17-inch wheel conversion and suspension lowering kit made it much easier for me to handle the bike in traffic and the parking lot.
  • Reasonably reliable for an RE with excellent customer service and after sales service.

The bad

  • Low Electricity: The fuel level indicator goes crazy for a few minutes after each water wash. The neutral light stays on in all gears when riding in heavy rain.
  • Quality Issues: Poor quality fuel cap rubber gasket, worn ignition/lock assembly.
  • Difficult to maintain the luster of the crankcase.
  • Continuous need to purchase more replacement parts and accessories.
  • Isn’t this a perfect motorcycle out of the box.

Changes made

The last 3.5 years have been quite a journey for me, from being a non-Royal Enfield to booking the Interceptor 650 on launch day and delivering initial batches to initial concerns about intrusive footpegs , the uncomfortable seat and the weight to slowly get used to the bike and make modifications to suit my needs as the bike remains extremely reliable all the time for an RE. This Royal Enfield won me over with its charm and character. The original 3 year warranty ends today and I didn’t take the extended warranty hoping I wouldn’t need it, that’s a gamble I decided to take. Aside from the broken lock and broken fuel cap rubber seal which were replaced under warranty, the Interceptor has remained reliable without breaking down or having a seizure over the last 3 years of ownership. Additionally, there are no reports of any lingering issues with the 650 twins.

17 inch wheel installation and suspension lowering kit

It’s been 3,300 km on the 17-inch wheels and the setup works perfectly fine. Those 3,300 km were a mix of fast highway trips and local trips over all sorts of terrain and road conditions. More importantly, there is no sign of wobbling at any speed. The Ceat XL Zoom and Apollo Alpha S1 tires do a good job of providing decent levels of grip and durability, haven’t encountered any punctures so far. As for the suspension lowering kit, it is a great product on its own for smaller riders. I use the 17-inch wheels with the rear suspension lowering kit and set the suspension preload to its hardest level to get the right balance between ride height and ground clearance.

New battery

The factory fitted Exide battery lasted exactly 3 years. The battery started showing signs of weakness last month and the engine only ignited on the second attempt to press the start button. I visited the RE OMR service center last week to change the fuel cap/lockout assembly under warranty and the bike refused to start at the service center and they tried charging the battery for 4 hours but to no avail . The original battery specification is 12V 12Ah, but the availability of this factory spec battery is almost non-existent. The RE service advisor suggested going for a 12V 14Ah battery which is compatible and readily available in the market. I checked with my friend who deals with batteries and electric power and he said the 14Ah battery won’t cause any problems except for longer charging time which will be insignificant. Got an Exide FXL0-XLTX14 12V 14Ah battery for Rs2800 after swapping the old battery for Rs300. The new Exide battery comes with a 2-year replacement warranty and an additional 2-year pro-rated warranty.

I chose Exide over the popular Amaron due to my past experience on multiple vehicles.

The battery change took 10 minutes. Only the tools in the toolbox do the job.

The entire lock was changed under warranty during the last week of the warranty period.

3M PPF after 3 years of service. Time to change. PPF did a great job considering the types of objects I placed on the tank. Shopping bags, tools, babies with anklets and the usual tank bag to name a few.

The Apollo Alpha S1 140/60R17 is tough enough for our roads. The reason I chose S1 over H1.

Ceat Zoom XL in the front.

The usual suspects.

The side panel leather bag contains the helmet padlock and sanitizer.

The 17-inch wheels are hard to spot.

I love the clean and timeless design.

If that’s not the best thing about the bike, the exhaust note ever!

Check out BHPian’s comments for more ideas and information.

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