Metzeler Announces Next Generation Karoo 4 Dual Sport Tire

When the all-new Karoo 3 was first announced in 2012, there were fewer tire options for the off-road-loving adventurer. Now the incoming fire of competitors comes from all directions. After 9 years, the Karoo 3 clearly deserves an update. Now Metzeler is ready to fire back with his announcement of the all-new Karoo 4.

Like its predecessor, the Karoo 4 is designed for adventure and mixed-sport riders looking for good off-road performance and longevity in a 50/50 tire. The new rubber sits between the Karoo Street and the Karoo Extreme in Metzeler’s dual sport tire lineup. When developing the new rubber, Metzeler says they relied on their “state-of-the-art technologies and processes” to extend the Karoo’s versatility even further across the dirt and street spectrum.

The new tire features a new patented tread pattern, which representatives say increases the tire’s overall performance levels on asphalt and different types of off-road surfaces. Gone is the old herringbone tread design, replaced by a more knobby pattern with center blocks that dig into the dirt directly. The new tread design definitely has a more aggressive off-road look with larger cutouts and alternate side knobs that would seem to clean better on soft terrain than the old Karoo 3.

Metzeler says their new design is intended to increase the level of off-road performance, especially on soft surfaces, such as sand, mud and clay. On the road side, the engineers have worked to improve in particular the overall handling and the behavior on wet ground, in particular leaning on the edge of the tire. And hopefully the longevity of the Karoo has been maintained or improved, but that remains to be seen.

The new Karoo 4 will be available for sale from March 2022 with a range of sizes for medium and large size adventure bikes with 19″/17″ or 21″/18″ wheel combos. We look forward to trying out the successor to the Karoo 3 in the new year!

Metzeler KAROO 4 Sizes


  • 19″ 100/90-19 TL 57Q M+S
  • 19” 110/80 R 19 TL 59Q M+S
  • 19” 120/70 R 19 TL 60Q M+S
  • 21” 90/90-21 TL 54Q M+S


  • 17” 130/80 R 17 TL 65Q M+S
  • 17” 140/80 R 17 TL 69Q M+S
  • 17” 150/70 R 17 TL 69Q M+S
  • 17” 170/60 R 17 TL 72Q M+S
  • 18” 140/80 – 18 TL 70Q M+S
  • 18” 150/70 R 18 TL 70Q M+S

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