Metzeler Announces New Karoo 4 Dual Sport Motorcycle Tires

It’s been a while since we’ve seen a new Metzeler Karoo. The brand took a decade to come up with something new, and finally here comes the Karoo 4, Metzeler’s next-generation sport dual tyre. After the Karoo 4, the Metzeler Tourance is probably the next product to see a new generation this year.

Successor to the Karoo 3, the Karoo 4 offers a new level of performance for adventure and dirt riders who want some street capability with a 50/50 bias for off-road performance. Metzeler’s Karoo line is divided into three product categories with the Karoo 4 in the middle of Karoo Street and the Karoo Extreme. The Karoo 4 is the intermediate option between Street and Extreme tires for riders who want a tire that can go on the asphalt and then get off when they want.

With a 50/50 street-dirt bias, the Karoo 4 was said to have “advanced technologies and processes” that allow it to be a more versatile tire whether on the street or on the dirt, hence the 50/50 designation. As such, it is a versatile vehicle featuring a new “revolutionary patented tread design”, which is constructed from carbon black-based compounds that resist abrasion and The tearing. Multi-Radius Contour (MRC) technology allows riders to carve lines through curves despite the wide spaces between tire knobs. Metzeler also said the new Karoo 4 has improved overall handling and wet handling at certain lean angles. The brand also said that the performance of the Karoo 4 has also increased, especially on soft surfaces like sand, mud and clay.

Metzeler Karoo 4

Metzeler also went into detail on the Karoo 4 thanks to its multiple patented technologies such as the DETRATEC tread design and the patented DYMATEC technology that allows the tire to perform optimally over time, maintaining even wear and a solid tread. The tread is also optimized with a greater number of knobs which breathe a more continuous contact area and provide a good platform for integration with the electronic riding aids that come with many new adventure bikes. The Karoo 4s are also constructed with a zero degree steel belt with interactive variable tension technology. Metzeler says the Karoo 4 is also lighter for less unsprung weight on the bike.

Metzeler Karoo 4

From March 2022, the Karoo 4 will go on sale in a range of sizes. Big adventure bikes, in particular, are Metzeler’s primary focus for the Karoo 4, available in 19-inch/17-inch sets and 21-inch/18-inch sets.


  • 19″ 100/90-19 TL 57Q M+S
  • 19” 110/80 R 19 TL 59Q M+S
  • 19” 120/70 R 19 TL 60Q M+S
  • 21” 90/90-21 TL 54Q M+S


  • 17” 130/80 R 17 TL 65Q M+S
  • 17” 140/80 R 17 TL 69Q M+S
  • 17” 150/70 R 17 TL 69Q M+S
  • 17” 170/60 R 17 TL 72Q M+S
  • 18” 140/80 – 18 TL 70Q M+S
  • 18” 150/70 R 18 TL 70Q M+S

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