KLIM launches the all-new “Arsenal” dual-sport backpacks

Continuing to expand its range of riding bags, KLIM has launched two new feature-laden motorcycle backpacks, the Arsenal 15 and Arsenal 30. The new backpacks carry over many features from their most popular bag. , the Nac Pak, and improve them. with particular emphasis on load compression, stability while driving, ventilation and ergonomic functionality.

The Arsenal 15 is a medium-sized backpack with a chest harness connected by a single glove-friendly push button and has a capacity of 14 liters. KLIM tested this pack extensively in trail riding conditions, on the backs of professional off-road racers, and even on the 2021 4-Day Sea to Sky Hard Enduro. The result is a comfortable bag designed to carry a day’s worth of supplies in an organized way, while keeping the weight balanced and creating the best possible airflow in your back.

KLIM launches Arsenal dual sport backpacks

Rather than using elastic harness straps, which can wear out and require over-tightening to stay secure, KLIM uses adjustable 4-point straps on the Arsenal 15 chest harness. According to the Idaho-based brand , these can be fine-tuned to fit every rider and eliminate the need for an extra waist strap. Two pockets on the chest harness can hold a cell phone and snacks or other essentials.

The Arsenal 30 is a large capacity backpack designed for cyclists carrying lots of supplies such as camera gear or camping gear. Highly adjustable shoulder straps and a waist belt help keep the bag secure. Additionally, the Arsenal 15 chest harness can be swapped out for the Arsenal 30, and the shoulder straps on the 30 can be swapped out for the 15, allowing riders who own both packs to customize them to their liking.

KLIM launches Arsenal adventure motorcycle backpacks

Both packs are designed with special attention to temperature control in hot weather. The Arsenal 15 has an offset mesh back panel, reinforced with wave foam pillows, which creates exceptional airflow across the entire back. The Arsenal 30 uses large 3D mesh pillows and an open back panel to wick away moisture and create airflow. Both packs use 3D mesh straps to wick away moisture.

When the weather turns bad, both packs include seam-sealed rainflys to keep contents dry. These are intuitively stored and easy to access without deleting or rearranging the contents of the backpack.

KLIM launches Arsenal motorcycle backpacks
KLIM launches Arsenal adventure motorcycle backpacks

To keep content organized and secure, KLIM uses a number of useful features. For example, the Arsenal 30’s two side pockets are made of stretch material, allowing them to fit a standard 21-inch front tube or a 32 oz/1 L fuel bottle. on each side. Inside each pocket are hidden compression straps, which keep the pockets accessible even when everything is strapped down. The main compartment has four zipper heads, which allow access to the bottom and sides without unzipping the whole bag. The Arsenal 15 also utilizes a particular compression strap placement that retains access and function to the exterior pockets while keeping the load secure.

KLIM’s new backpacks are available now with an MSRP of US$219 for the Arsenal 15 and US$279 for the Arsenal 30. For more details, visit klim.com.

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