Is this the best touring motorcycle of all time?


Unlike cars, bikes provide a more involved experience when traveling to explore the outdoors. The wind hitting your body, the hum of the engine between your legs, and the feeling of being one with the elements are just a few of the experiences you miss when traveling in your 4-wheel cage. Touring motorcycles, too, have been designed to make those long journeys very relaxing and have enough storage space for your luggage. However, when you are on a bike you have to rely on a hotel or other accommodation to rest and keep going. In the case of cars, if you choose the right type, you can even stay overnight there, allowing you to explore remote places that don’t have nearby living arrangements. However, this unique contraption could allow you to do the same on your two wheels, take a look.

Literally a bed on two wheels, these modifications require them to extend their swing arm a certain margin to accommodate the bed in the back. With the extended bike, additional storage space is also available to carry your essentials on a long trip. The sleeping basket also has nets to store more things like your riding gear, clothing and more. Long enough to accommodate one person, just place the bike on its center stand and snuggle up for a comfortable nap and move on, completely refreshed and ready for more riding.

Sleeping cabin and storage for motohome

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You would think that the added weight of this entire accessory would affect the way the bike behaves but as seen in the video the pod is light enough to be pushed and pulled while parked. Moreover, the bike can also handle muddy roads like your regular motorcycle. The video also shows the process of building this contraption which took over a year to develop and perfect. Quite an interesting innovation, it looks like the perfect touring motorcycle for those who like to venture into places where few people would take their 2-wheeled partners. Take a look at this video and let us know what you think about it on our social media pages.


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