Here’s why we miss the 1991 Honda NX650 dual-sport motorcycle

The Honda NX650 Dual-Sport Motorcycle (also known as the Dominator outside of the United States) was the perfect adventure motorcycle. It was great for walking around town as well as getting out into nature for off road trips.

Sales of the NX650 in North America were decent, but not great, as Americans took a little longer to bite into the adventure bike craze that has taken hold in many other parts of the world. . This led Honda to withdraw the motorcycle from production for the North American market after just two short years, making the 1991 model the last for the continent. Fortunately, the Dominator enjoyed much greater success in the UK and Australia, where it had a great run of over a decade with solid sales figures.

Time is one of the best tests, however, and the NX650 Dominator passed it with flying colors. The bike is still very popular 30 years later because of its reliability, its cost and the fact that it really is a very nice little bike. Let’s see why so many people want to review this two-wheeler on the road (and off … too).

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Fun and affordable


The 1991 Honda NX650 Dominator was a great value all-rounder when new and the value has only increased over time since it became available for purchase as a reliable used bike. The Dominator is a simple machine. There isn’t a lot of flash on this bike, it just does everything you would expect from a low cost adventure bike. It is also ideal for long distance trips with a 4.3 gallon tank and luggage rack. So you can easily pack your bags and embark on a cross country adventure.

The good thing about a simple, inexpensive bike like this, which isn’t a low budget bike, is that the extra cost you pay is for quality parts rather than cheap add-ons that fall apart. quickly. With a very nice 644cc air-cooled single-cylinder engine, the 43 horsepower produced by the NX650 might not make it a monster machine with astounding power, but it gets the job done for people who ride motorcycles for the sake of it. pleasure rather than as a symbol.

Reliable and Durable


With the solid construction of the Honda NX650 Dominator, this bike has been able to continue to ride hard over the years. The reliability of this bike is the main reason why you can still find so many of these bikes on the road so long after their production run ends. While most of the NX650s have been driven harshly due to their dual sport capabilities, the vehicle is well built and the engine remains very reliable up to 100,000 miles.

While some of the parts are not of the highest quality, that doesn’t apply to the heart of this machine. So while you might have to spend the money if you want your bike to look flawless, if you care more about functionality than fashion, you should be able to carry on with this bike for years to come. invest a lot of money in it.

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Custom build darling


The Honda NX650 is a motorcycle in great demand. The biggest buyers? Custom builders. The NX650 Dominator has been one of the most frequently customized rides for years. There are many factors that make the Dominator the perfect bike for custom work. On the one hand, the low price attached to these bikes allows customers to spend most of their money on mods, which is sort of the point of a custom bike. Plus, underneath all the plastic that wraps around this dual sport you have a real decent motorcycle with a great little motor allowing for a fantastic transformation into a clean, sleek look. Their long-term durability also makes them a great target for custom work, as there are still plenty of them that perform very well.

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A possible rebirth


In 2016, Honda filed for a patent that closely resembled the design of the Dominator, which led to many rumors that they would bring the bike back. These rumors seemed very likely, as Honda has returned to the adventure bike market more and more in recent years, especially with the CRF series of dual sport bikes, in particular the CRF 1000L Africa Twin. Sadly, no revival of the NX650 has taken place yet, but don’t count a comeback as demand is still high and there is a large market ready and waiting if Honda decides to finally revive this beauty of the bike.

Hopefully we’ll see the NX650 back in the sales field soon, but even if we don’t, there will still be plenty of Dominators, on and off the road, for years to come.

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