Energica launches new Experia touring motorcycle

  • Italian electric motorcycle manufacturer Energica is launching its new adventure model, the Experia.
  • Taking the segment built by BMW’s GS platform, the Experia features long-travel adjustable suspension, variable-torque applications and a claimed range of 261 miles in the city.
  • Pricing for the Experia starts at $25,880, with preorders open now.

    Each motorcycle class has its hero. Oil-boiling Suzuki GSX-Rs are fairing-clad legends while Ducati’s trellis-framed Monster heavily influenced a line of European naked bikes. For the wayward traveler, the mile-devouring comfort of a high windshield and wide handlebars cemented the BMW GS platform as the one to beat.

    And many have tried, but now there is a newcomer to the competition. Based in Modena, Italy, Energica has been manufacturing performance-oriented electric motorcycles since 2014. In launching the new Experia, a complete and relatively tall touring motorcycle, the parallels with a GS or Ducati Multistrada are clear.

    Powered by a 306-volt permanent-magnet synchronous electric motor, the Experia produces peak outputs of 102 hp and a torque range of 85-664 lb-ft, charged via a 22.6 kWh lithium-polymer battery. Energica claims a city range of 261 miles, although the company clarified that a combined range of 160 miles is more realistic. As a testament to the roadtrip-ready nature of the adventure-touring class, Energica equipped the Experia with Level 2 and DC fast charging compatibility. A fast charge rate of four miles per minute allows the battery to be charged to 80% in just 40 minutes.


    Under parent company CRP Group, Energica was born with a racing pedigree from the days of CRP Racing, and so the handling and braking hardware are still name brand, quality components. An all-new tubular steel trellis frame and cast aluminum swingarm hold the bike together. ZF Sachs’ adjustable suspension allows for preload, rebound and compression adjustment in the front, as well as preload and rebound adjustment in the rear. Brembo supplies the brakes, with 330mm four-piston front discs and 240mm twin-piston rear discs.

    A sophisticated Bosch cornering ABS unit is standard, allowing the on-board computer to take lean angle into account when calculating anti-lock intervention. This system will come in handy if owners take their Experia off the beaten track. With almost six inches of travel in the front and two in the rear, the Experia would be suitable for service roads and loose surfaces. With a curb weight of 573 pounds, the bike is certainly not light, but still on par with its internal combustion competitors, which is commendable for an electric vehicle.

    energetica experia dashboard


    Pricing is one area where Energica struggles to compete, with the Experia starting at $25,880. For similarly priced bikes, buy the higher echelons of Ducati and BMW and with added extras. For example, a Multistrada V4S starts at $26,095 but weighs 100 pounds less, packs 70 more horsepower, and has a 208-mile highway range. Nevertheless, the Energica Experia is marketed as a luxury cruiser and is equipped as such. Hard luggage, heated grips and molded driver and passenger seats are all standard equipment.

    Energica is stepping into a segment that electric motorcycle manufacturers have yet to enter. As LiveWire focuses on urban mobility and Zero continues its line of sporty naked bikes, Energica now competes with legacy brands in well-trodden territory. Pre-orders for the adventure tourer are now open, although the company has yet to provide a specific delivery date.

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