Dunlop presents the K950 Street-Legal Trials and the Dual-Sport tire


Are you a bisport, off-road or trial rider looking for new tires? If so, you might want to learn more about Dunlop’s latest dual sport offering, the K950. While it’s ready for your trail adventures, it’s also completely street legal, so you can hit any trail with no worries. We will take a look.

The Dunlop K950 features an angled construction, along with small, symmetrical and tight knobs to improve both traction and balance when riding over any terrain. Whether you’re up against dirt or crisscrossing a lot of roots and boulders along your way, the K950 is built to take on any changing terrain you can throw at it – or throw it, anyway.

Dunlop built the K950 with tough rubber compounds, and designed it to handle all of these different types of terrain in wet and dry conditions. The company also points out its improved grip, although it’s unclear which tires it compares this improved grip to. Either way, as with any tire, as riders get their hands on these we’ll see more opinions on how it performs and if it meets Dunlop’s expectations.

The tire maker says it’s designed to absorb bumps in the dirt well and handle any rough terrain you love, while providing great durability and long life for road riding. It is DOT certified and is available in a tire size from 4.00 to 18 from your local Dunlop Tires dealer.

For those looking for something a little more specific to trials, Dunlop also offers an additional D803GP competition trial tire. This dual sport capability K950 joins that tire and helps expand the range of on and off road offerings Dunlop offers to different types of motorcyclists. For more information on costs and availability, contact your local authorized Dunlop Tire dealer.


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