Dunlop D605 Adventure Dual-Sport tire test

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Surprising value in economy tires

The world of adventure and bisport tires has exploded over the past five years. Unfortunately, the economy tire segment does not see as much innovation … but that has changed with Dunlop New D605s that represent great value for under $ 100 a set.

Many of us are familiar with the rock-solid performance (and flanks) of Dunlop more off-road oriented D606 tires. While great in dirt, the D606 can be difficult to drive on the street and downright scary on wet pavement when they get square. The D605 slightly softer sidewalls and asymmetric tread fill gaps better and provide a smoother ride experience up front and back.

Off-road traction is great as long as you stay out of the deep mud. The D605s well done our project Royal Enfield Himalayan in a test track. Everything is connected from rusty downhill slides to short steep climbs and connects better than stock Pirelli Scorpion MT60 when the going gets tough. And we ran them on a few small jumps and paired fallen branches 6 to 8 inches thick without incident, flatness, or loss of traction.

On-road behavior was not as predictable as those of the same size Pirellis, which are standard on the himalayan. The D605 a higher profile and deeper lugs definitely made the bike spin faster and more like a mountain bike. There is some road noise expected in the 50 or 60 mph range, but nothing abnormal for a tire of this type, and certainly more maneuverable than a more aggressive dual sport tire like the D606. Wet roads were not a problem either. The rubber compound gives the impression that it contains a fair amount of silica and stays sticky in the rain, but like any tire of this type, aggressive cornering on cold, wet pavement is not recommended.

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Tread wear is minimal on our over 420 lb test bike with nearly 1,500 miles of mixed riding. We estimate that lighter bikes could cover over 5,000 miles per set depending on riding style and terrain. Other tires of this design and price to consider would be 700 by Shinko and Kenda’s K270 stock tires, both of which use usable but more dated tread patterns and possibly compounds.

At a street price of less than $ 100, it may even be worth having a set of spare parts, helping a friend with a jam, or revitalizing the used tires of a bike you’re looking to sell. Dunlop’s D605s feature good quality rubber, solid construction and a modern, functional tread pattern that should get you anywhere you want to go, at a price anyone can afford.

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MSRP: Before $ 52.95 | Rear $ 69.96

  • Solid value for the price
  • Quality construction and good rubber (made in Japan)
  • Perfect for small to medium size bikes
  • 60/40 traction with reasonable road noise


  • Do not push the tire too hard when cornering on wet and cold roads
  • Limited size (no 19 inch front face)

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