Ducati’s Dual-Sport DesertX motorcycle is designed for the dunes


Italian motorcycle manufacturer Ducati has presented a new model better designed for off-road travel and fans of “adventure motorcycles”, also known as “ADV motorcycles” or “dual sport”, could not be. happier.

Called Ducati DesertX, the 110 horsepower machine features styling that pays homage to Ducati’s desert racing machines of the 1980s while being fully up to street standards and cutting edge in technology and performance.

The DesertX sits nicely between Ducati’s more road-oriented Multistrada (“many roads”) models which can also venture off the curb and Ducati’s Scrambler range of more urban machines which can also get dirty. However, the technology and hardware engineered into the DesertX gives it a clear advantage over both of these model lines when it comes to off-road performance, and gives Ducati a new entry into the now popular ADV motorcycle category.

Sporting a 21-inch front wheel and 18-inch rear roll bar – sizes most commonly found on off-road motorcycles – the DesertX offers generous ground clearance, Kayaba long-travel suspension components and two modes. special driving gear specially designed for off-road driving. Other driving modes include variations for riding in the rain, on the highway or in more sporty environments.

The DesertX will also be available with a long list of available options that more adventurous riders need, including an additional second fuel tank, sturdy aluminum travel cases, crash bars and details like heated grips. and seat options. The bike starts at $ 16,795, but designed for a “round the world” (“RTW”) expedition, the price can easily reach $ 20,000.

Power comes from the robust but updated 110 horsepower liquid-cooled “L-Twin” two-cylinder “L-Twin” engine that powers several other motorcycles in the Ducati range. Riders will get speed, route information and other vital information from a vertical LCD display in the cockpit. Dual LED headlights integrated into the motorcycle body light the way forward.

Ducati posted a lengthy video (below) detailing DesertX’s technology and performance attributes, and also showed the bike shredding Middle Eastern sand dunes with experienced riders and desert racers at the controls. The message: it’s a Ducati that can take you where most motorcycles can’t.

The DesertX was born from a Ducati concept bike unveiled at the EICMA Motorcycle Show in Italy in 2019. The gas tank, headlights and overall styling are strongly reminiscent of the Ducati desert racing bikes of the 1980s. The reaction The industry has been swift, with many cyclists calling for the bike to go into production. During the pandemic, Ducati apparently used the downtime to upgrade the DesertX. Deliveries of the DesertX are expected to begin in summer 2022. A full line of Ducati adventure touring clothing will also be available.


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