Ciara Castillo ’23: Dual-sport star

written by: Natalia Chino ’23

Growing up in Cobble Hill, Brooklyn, then moving to Jersey City, New Jersey, where she resided for most of her life, Ciara Castillo ’23 learned the importance of being able to adapt and thrive in new environments.

Ever since she was little, Castillo has loved playing sports in her lively neighborhood where there is always a game. She described her home as a place that has enough culture, character and vibrancy to appeal to anyone who has ever visited. Along with liking Jersey City’s urban vibe, Castillo enjoyed how his city prioritized sports in an engaging way. She was no stranger to the high level competition offered by her high school where she played on both the varsity basketball and softball teams. With the encouraging support of her family, Castillo was a dual-sport athlete as a teenager where she developed the skills of collaboration and discipline that prepared her to play high-caliber sports in college. Being part of a team showed him how to communicate effectively with others to achieve goals, while learning to support each other in struggles on and off the field.

Fully equipped to know how to be a contributing member on a team, Castillo made the big decision to come to Wesleyan after attending Wes Fest and the Student of Color Weekend Reception in her senior year. of high school. It was during those few days on campus and staying overnight that she realized that Wesleyan had a small but very welcoming community that reminded her of the things she valued about her education. Not only was Castillo blown away by the beauty of the campus when she visited, but she also loved how up-to-date and new all the facilities were because she knew she would put all these resources to good use. Having had the opportunity to play on the women’s basketball and softball teams, Castillo felt she could pursue her athletic passions while exploring her academic and social interests under an open curriculum that encouraged curiosity. and critical thinking. To quote her directly, “Wes was a no-brainer!”

Looking back on the past three years at Wesleyan, Castillo has enjoyed incredible opportunities and created many of his favorite memories with his classmates. During her time with Wes, Castillo describes how time management is the biggest skill she uses and is still learning to use as she navigates college, athletics, and a social life. Although the academics are rigorous, she appreciates how the open program allows her to take interesting courses that interest her and to improve her skills in psychology and education, two majors she declared in addition to her minor in studies. Caribbean. Moreover, Castillo is right on displaying a constant and strong love for his smart friends and professors, while enjoying campus food…a lot! She details how she looks forward to every meal at Usdan, as not only will she be able to indulge in some of her favorite dishes, including Saturday brunch pancakes and grilled cheese with tomato soup, but she will also spend time quality with his teammates in a more relaxed setting. the land and the yard. While the food is great, Castillo also enjoys being a student-athlete, as it has made her a vibrant member of a huge family. Some of the fondest memories she has with her family are enjoying Mondo meals together in their cozy Fauver apartment, dancing in the locker room after big wins, and watching The Office or New Girl while they all laugh for hours. hours and tell the latest celebrity drama.

By being part of both teams, she has found a group of women who will always support her and always have her best interests in mind. Knowing that she can rely on her teammates and coaches for almost everything made her feel incredibly lucky. It’s a type of connection you won’t find anywhere else in the world and it’s something she will miss deeply when she graduates soon. However, she looks forward to navigating life after college with a network of friendships that will keep her grounded and an acquaintance that will keep her creative.

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