Cake Kalk & First Look 2020: Dual Sport electric motorcycle


Cake Kalk & 2020: a different approach to the dual sport motorcycle

The level of innovation in the electric motorcycle business is impressive, and the 2020 Cake Kalk & (yes, it has an ampersand in its name) is turning heads. The “&” differentiates the bisport model from the Kalk OR off-road model only.

The Cake Kalk & 2020 is a hybrid of a bike and a motorcycle, with components that do not meet the specifications of a motorcycle, although more durable than what you would see on a bicycle.

Cake Kalk & First Look 2020: Dual Sport electric motorcycleAs far as the engine goes, it’s pretty straightforward. It has the maximum torque we’ve come to expect from an electric powertrain: 186 ft / lbs. Yes, it’s more than the Triumph Rocket III. Of course, it has to be padded to be usable, but it’s there. Even with that staggering peak torque count, the claimed top speed is 56+ mph, so probably not quite 60 mph.

As expected, the autonomy of Cake Kalk & 2020 is highly dependent on performance. The most powerful option is Excel mode. Designed for competition and high speed driving, you won’t get more than an hour of charging from the 2.6kWh, 50Ah lithium-ion battery.

For fast driving on the trails, you select the Excite mode. Cake takes between one and two hours between charges. If you want to ride for three to four hours, Explore Mode reduces horsepower and limits Calk & to 28 mph, which may be sufficient in some terrains.

In our experience, range claims are generally “enthusiastic”, although this is not intentional. However, that doesn’t mean Cake’s claims aren’t accurate. Cake says it takes 2.5 hours to bring the battery back from zero charge to 100%, and that’s using a standard outlet.

2020 Kalk & for saleThe frame is a visually striking part of the Cake Kalk & 2020, especially the aftermarket rear. It’s a lightweight chassis, weighing 174 pounds, including 37 pounds for the battery. Part of the reason for the lack of weight is the lighter wheels and suspension components.

That’s not to say Cake skimped on the suspension. The shock absorber and the fork are from Öhlins. However, the inverted fork is a 38mm unit with eight inches of travel, with the linkage-assisted piggyback tank damper controlling rear wheel movement. Oddly enough, the air spring fork is fully adjustable and there is no adjustment for the shock absorber.

Cake made an odd choice on the Kalk & 2020 wheels. Both wheels are 19 inches in diameter. This is a non-standard size that locks you in the specially designed GMD Trail Savers tires. Additionally, the tires are 3.00 wide and have an observed style block tread pattern. We notice different tires – more track styling – in the Kalk & action photographs provided by Cake. Obviously, a change was made at some point before the final production.

The 35.8-inch seat height will be tough for newer or shorter riders, although the 174-pound weight minimizes it. The 11.8-inch ground clearance will allow the Cake Kalk & 2020 to be used in authentic off-road environments. The wheelbase is only 51.6 inches with a tilt of 25 degrees, all numbers that indicate agility.

2020 Kalk and LighthouseThere’s a dashboard that gives you the basics: speed, odometer, trip odometer, battery status, and power consumption.

The Cake Kalk & 2020 is sold on the Cake website and shipped directly to your home. Financing is part of the equation, with monthly payments starting at $ 715.

All you’ll need is $ 14,000 for the unmistakably unique 2020 Cake Kalk & dual sport motorcycle. That’s $ 3,601 more than a 2020 KTM 500 EXC-F. Of course, you’re paying for the privilege of being at the forefront of electric motorcycle development.

2020 Kalk Cake & Specifications


  • Type: 10kW motor
  • Maximum torque: 186 ft / lb
  • Maximum speed: Over 56 mph
  • Battery: Lithium-ion; 50 Ah; 2.6 kWh
  • Charge: 0-100% in 2.5 hours
  • Final drive: 420 O-ring chain


  • Exploration mode: 3-4 hours; Top speed of 28 mph
  • Exciter mode: 1-2 hours
  • Excel mode: 1 hour


  • Frame: 6061 aluminum
  • Handlebar: 7050 aluminum
  • Front suspension; Travel: Öhlins 38mm fully adjustable inverted fork; 8.0 inch
  • Rear suspension; travel: Öhlins TTX22 non-adjustable piggyback reservoir shock absorber assisted by linkage; 8.1 inch
  • Wheels: 7116-T6 alloy rims with machined 6061 aluminum forged hubs
  • Wheel Size: 19 x 1.85
  • Tires: GMD Trail Savers developed for Cake
  • Tire size: 3.00 x 19
  • Brakes: 220 mm discs with 4 piston calipers; three braking modes


  • Wheelbase: 51.6 inches
  • Rake: 25 degrees
  • Trail: 3.4 inches
  • Seat height: 35.8 inches
  • Ground clearance: 11.8 inches
  • Curb weight: 174 pounds

2020 Kalk Cake & Prices:

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