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Black brand models

Black brand motorcycle clothing

Black Brand Brand Manager Howard Kelly (l) and model
Black Brand Brand Manager Howard Kelly (l) and model

With the aim of offering high-quality, high-value motorcycle clothing to fill a gap between the cheapest and Harley-Davidson branded equipment, Black Brand was created. In addition to the quality of Black Brand clothing, the designers intend to inspire bikers to identify with the brand.

Everything from large interior labels to hang tags is there to bind the buyer to Black Brand, which the company identifies as a family in the hang tag: “Welcome to the Black Brand family, a group that is not for everyone. Black Brand doesn’t care what type of bike you ride, just what type of bike you ride. Our gear isn’t what you buy when you want what everyone else has – you have to be the wolf, not the sheep to get on Black Brand.

Black Brand Director Howard Kelly confidently says, “We will set market direction and trends so that Harley-Davidson and other clothing companies begin to copy Black Brand designs.

Motorcycle apparel visionary Phil Davy is also directly involved in the launch of Black Brand. Its goal is to get runners to identify with the brand to the point of getting a Black Brand tattoo. Davy, who is now Senior Director of Clothing Brands at Tucker Rocky / Biker’s Choice, was also behind the creation of Icon Motosports clothing and was the company’s first full-time employee as Brand Manager. .

Davy explained some of the innovative and forward thinking brands that Black Brand will appreciate and which he believes will bring success to the new clothing line.

Another feature of the line that many people will appreciate is that a donation to Houses for our troops will be made with every piece of Black Brand clothing sold.

Let’s take a look at six must-have products from the new Black Brand motorcycle clothing line:

Black Sheared Beaver Branded Women's Motorcycle Jacket
Women’s Black Brand Sheared Beaver Jacket

1. Women’s sheared beaver jacket. OK, Black Brand knows what you are thinking, and so do we, but there is actually such a thing as “sheared beaver” and it has nothing to do with shaving. This premium ladies’ jacket features beaver fur on the cuffs and collar (seriously, a version without a beaver is the Brazilian waxed jacket). The Sheared Beaver uses premium embroidery, overlays, zippers, quilting and sheepskin to give it a luxurious look and feel. Not just for looks, the Sheared Beaver is a technical jacket with a D3O bulletproof vest.

Cheater brand black half helmet .50
Cheater brand black helmet .50

2. Cheating half-helmet .50. Black Brand has developed what they call the smallest DOT approved helmet on the market. Intended to get riders to ditch their novelty helmets (not their Shoeis or Arais), the Cheater .50 uses four different shell sizes and an innovative EPS liner to reduce the size. Sizes will range from XS to XXXL, and there will be a Black Brand label (which cleverly incorporates the mandatory DOT label) on the back that will suit both men and women.

Branded Black Cutout Leather Motorcycle Jacket
Branded black cut-out jacket

3. Cut-out jacket. Using full grain leather, the Cutthroat jacket has an unmistakable vintage feel that will look great on authentically vintage bikes, or new bikes with a classic appearance. There are functional features such as zip sleeves, a removable padded liner and two adjustable waist straps with the Black Brand logo embossed on it. The jacket is designed for the long haul and is backed by a six year warranty against manufacturing defects.

Branded black striped leather gloves
Branded black striped gloves

4. Gloves with fine stripes. Showcasing the distinctive Black Label skull graphic, along with an eponymous thin stripe, the Pinstripe gloves make a statement. Using premium deer hide for added comfort and feel, they also feature perforations to allow airflow to the hands. A hook-and-loop closure at the wrist just gives the right feeling of security. Pinstripe gloves will be available in black (shown) and beige.

Black Brand IcePick Perforated Motorcycle Vest
Black brand IcePick perforated vest

5. KoolTeK perforated ice ax vest. Just in time for that scorching ride to Sturgis, Black Brand brings us a vest that uses KoolTeK technology to reflect the sun’s rays, rather than absorb them, even with black full-grain leather. Like the Cutthroat Jacket, the Ice Pick Perforated Jacket has straps with the Black Brand logo embossed into the leather. It’s definitely a statement, as there are six side-adjustable closures. A very practical feature, the liner has a zipped area to allow you to embroider the back of your jacket without destroying the liner.

Black Brand Street Team Motorcycle Jacket
Street Team Jacket Black Brand

6. Street team jacket. With a polyester / nylon exterior, it looks like a casual jacket rather than a technical garment. That’s the idea, but Black Brand put D3O armor inside, and given the water and UV resistant exterior treatments. Inside there is a removable long-sleeved windbreaker liner. On the outside, there is an embroidered Black Brand skull on the cuff, as well as vents for the hottest days. Like other Black Brand jackets, the Street Team jacket uses YKK zippers.

Event photography by Don Williams

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