A closer look at the WK Scrambler 50

The new WK Scrambler 50 has made its way into the WK Bikes range. This new retro-inspired 50cc model comes with the same features and design as its big brother, the Scrambler 125, and two-tone designs, one being a sleek gray option and the other a stealthy black version. The WK Scrambler retails for an average price of £1,999 including road charges plus 2 year labor and parts warranty. In this article, we will take a closer look at the WK Scrambler 50, its main features and its design.


  • 11 liter fuel tank
  • 1055mm (H)
  • 770mm (width)
  • Delphi fuel injection
  • Seat height 780mm
  • 2.1 kW at 7,500 rpm
  • 2050mm (L)
  • 4 speeds
  • 50cc 4 stroke, single cylinder engine


This new 50cc Scrambler model features a single cylinder engine for fuel economy, a low 780mm seat height that makes it comfortable for all kinds of riders and an efficient 50cc four-stroke. It also comes with premium components including steel braided brake lines, high quality LED lights and state-of-the-art instruments to add an edge to its stunning looks and performance. Additionally, the new WK bike is strategically designed to make it accessible to all types of riders, especially those looking for a lightweight bike with affordable running costs and a small capacity machine. More information about the new WK Bikes Scrambler 50 can be found on the automaker’s website. official site.

Scrambler 50 news

The first bikes of the incredible retro-inspired 50cc Scrambler model are due to arrive in the UK in June this year. The motorcycle is not only affordable, but it is also one of the few motorcycles equipped with a 50cc single-cylinder engine. It also features the same performance and design cues as the Scrambler 125. It can even be ridden by teenagers with a CBT. The retro-inspired WK Scrambler 50cc model gives you complete value for money as it comes with a two-year warranty on labor and parts. The bike features two stylish color variations; a sleek gray version and a stealthy black option. Other notable features of the Scrambler 50 are its low 780mm seat height which makes it suitable for most riders, a powerful 50cc 4-stroke and a single cylinder engine for impressive fuel economy.

Main features

The main reason the Scrambler 50 stands out from other WK bikes is that it has the same dynamic looks and features as the Scrambler 125 but with a smaller capacity motor and a low 780mm saddle that makes it easily accessible to all cyclists. Plus, unlike the cheap, easy-to-ride scooters with tight-fitting gears that have flooded the market, the WK Scrambler 50 is packed with modern, high-quality features. These offer the cyclist a unique riding experience. Additionally, the bike costs £400 less than the Mash Fifty which has the same type of motor.


The retro-inspired WK Scrambler 50 model features an air-cooled Euro5 2-valve engine, also known as the “vertical 139FMB”. The motorcycle engine is commonly used on Honda Cub motorcycles and copies due to its durability and high performance capabilities. Its four-speed gearbox has plenty of bite between first and second, making it important to start before changing gears. The twist grip of the WK Scrambler is either closed or open; therefore, rolling requires extreme right wrist action.


The suspension fitted to the new WK Scrambler 50cc model completely defies all expectations for a small, inexpensive Chinese-made motorcycle. Although most parts of the bike are made from single components, the rear twin shocks and front forks are strategically designed to give the rider a safer riding experience on the road. The Scrambler 50 has the best suspension system compared to most of its rival competitors. The bike is set up with thick rubber at the suspension which can be felt when steering the bike but does not affect the steering response of the bike in any way. It’s also lightweight and can be easily maneuvered around your shed like a BMX. Additionally, the single disc and dual-piston front brake provide a precise braking system. However, braking ability is usually affected when the brakes become cold and wet.


Several scooters on the market claim to come with quality bike gear, but most of the time this is not the case. The Scrambler 50 gives you good value for money as it has a 50cc engine found in other expensive bikes. As mentioned, this is the same engine found in the Mash Fifty, which costs £400 more than the 50cc Scrambler model. Plus, the Scrambler comes with a 2-year warranty on parts and labor. Although the residual value of the bike is not yet known since it is a new model, it should depreciate at a lower rate.


For an inexpensive Chinese-made bike, the Scrambler 50 has a lot going for it. A notable feature of this new 50cc model is that it is strategically built and smartly finished, unlike previous dinky bikes. This bike is easily affordable and easy to maintain as it is fuel efficient, has a low annual road tax of £21 and well worn tires that will serve you for a long time. The Scrambler 50 also comes with some amazing features including alloy rims, metal chain guards and fenders, and braided brake pads for a firmer grip. Moreover, the bike only requires maintenance at least every 3000 miles or every year, although it has a small engine capacity that can hardly damage your wallet. To improve the durability of the motorcycle and its exceptional performance on the road, it is advisable to ensure that the engine is constantly running with fresh oil. The WK Scrambler 50 also has reasonable insurance costs, as comprehensive covers against all road hazards require you to pay an average premium of £100.

Final Thoughts

Possible downsides of the WK Scrambler 50 are that it doesn’t come with countless riding modes, a connectivity-enabled TFT dash, or a heated seat. However, this bike is well equipped. Features like preload-adjustable shocks, grab bars and LED lights come standard, and the motor is powerful enough for a bike twice the size of the Scrambler 50. There’s nothing to lose with this model.

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