2022 Indian Scout Rogue Bike World Reviews

Bike World rides these bikes and tests the feel of the 2022 Indian Scout Rogue road version in comparison.

Chris from the YouTube channel bike world, has ridden Indian Scout Hooligan bikes for the last 5 races. He knows the racing bike inside out. This video however is not about his racing bike, but the road version of Indian Scout. He wonders what similarities the bike shares with the racing version. What family DNA do the two siblings have? Let’s find out.

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It’s all in the family

Chris tells us right in the video that he wants to do nothing but ride somewhere nice and have a good time doing it. With this simplicity mentality, he leaves for the journey right after the 35 seconds of the video. After a short editing of videos, the animator arrives on a very picturesque nature scene with the motorcycle.

He tells us he really likes the “cruiser, bobber, street-bike or whatever you want to call it”. His point is that labels don’t mean anything anymore when it comes to bikes. Power cruisers and speed bike style scooters like this Honda ADV350 are all the rage these days, so Chris tells us “if you love a bike, you get the bike because it’s right for you”. As long as you’re on two wheels, you’re family.

high praise

Chris tells us that he cycled for about 3 days through hundreds of miles of all types of road, from town to amazing back roads to highways. However, he also went through many weather conditions during these 3 days, such as sun, high winds and rain. Although he tells us that he seems to be just renting the vehicle, he can’t say much bad about it. The bike he tells us handles anything thrown at it with elegance and incredible performance. He also tells us in a very interesting way that bikes like this “in his day” meant the bikes were unreliable, they didn’t handle, we weren’t comfortable and some very “agricultural” things. With that in mind, this new tagless bike is a beautiful thing that solved all those problems.

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The verdict

Some negatives of the bike, he says, “because it has to since it’s an overhaul”, are that the gears sometimes shift a bit too hard and the gas is “fluffy” when the bike is not warmed up. Realizing that “mellow” might not be a common word to describe gas, he elaborates by saying that the bike doesn’t perform as well when not warmed up to operating temperatures. This is not a problem in that the bike is unusable until it warms up, but it just isn’t as polished or polished as bikes from other manufacturers. With those negatives out of the way, he tells us there really isn’t much not to like about the bike. It’s a simple bike that does what you want when you want it, and that’s all anyone really wants in a bike.

Dark Horse Indian Chief

Blacked Out Indian Chief Dark Horse perfectly suited to my tastes

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