2022 Glendale Supercross Race Report

Behind Tomac, Malcolm Stewart achieved the best 450SX result of his career with a second place overall. The bike issue in the main finale eased or was handled well in the end as Stewart put together scores of 3-2-4 for a comfortable second place overall at Glendale.

It was definitely Stewart’s best ride all year aside from maybe his speed at Anaheim 1, but he looked aggressive and in control all night. He may be just around the corner from his first career 450SX win and he’s also settled comfortably fourth in the championship so far for 2022.

“It’s my first ever podium for a Triple Crown and I’m beyond thrilled,” said Stewart. “I can’t thank the whole team enough. fruit and I think that just creates more momentum for everyone.

Rounding out the podium was Honda HRC’s Chase Sexton. Sexton’s night could have gone so much better, but the first main event quickly went from good to nightmare. Sexton fell while fighting for third place and slipped outside the top 10, then he fell again trying to make a few passes across the field. It would eventually end up 11and in the first main event.

This 11and hung with him on an otherwise excellent night where he consistently climbed to third place in the second main event and dominated the third main event. The third main event race was just enough to beat Jason Anderson by a single point for the final step on the podium.

“If you looked at my first race, you would think I was a rookie,” Sexton said. “I fell twice and ended up having 11and. It was kind of a struggle for me all day. Practice, I did not feel well. I was out of pace with Eli and the guys I had to race with. Race two was better for me, and I picked up some momentum and race three, I got the holeshot and just set sail.

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