10 Things Every Motorcycle Enthusiast Should Know About The 2022 Honda CB500X

the adventure touring motorcycle segment has been booming for the past few years and many players have come up with lots of offers, making it one of the most competitive segments. With the arrival of the 2022 Honda CB500X, Honda is here with a motorcycle that could tick all the boxes for an adventure touring motorcycle enthusiast, offering decent performance, reliability and touring capability at a low cost.

Launching for a base MSRP of $6,999, the 2022 Honda CB500X is one of the best value-for-money propositions in the segment. Coming with a single color combination, this motorcycle retains the hard-hitting parallel twin engine, high level of refinement, supreme level of comfort regardless of road conditions and class-leading reliability of a motorcycle. Honda. Competing with the Suzuki V-Strom 650 and Kawasaki Versys 650, here are 10 things every motorcycle enthusiast should know about the 2022 Honda CB500X.

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ten Parallel twin motor has enough grunt for quick overtaking

Honda CB500X
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The 2022 Honda CB500X retains the 471cc liquid-cooled parallel-twin DOHC engine with a compression ratio of 10.7:1. This engine can produce 47 hp and 31.7 lb-ft of torque, and the redline is near 9,000 rpm. Being a four-valve engine, it is highly refined and refueling is done using a fuel injection system with 34mm throttle bodies.

honda cb500x engine
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This bike shines in the low and mid revs since the engine has more than enough grunt for quick acceleration at those rev ranges. As a result, riding through cities and highways is very pleasant. car exhibitions no serious vibrations also. However, the high-end performance is quite poor.

9 The gearbox is smooth and smooth


The 6-speed gearbox featured in the Honda CB500X is easily one of the best in the segment. Shift quality is impeccable and there is no noise or unwanted play from the gearbox either. The chances of having a false neutral are also almost nil.


Another impressive aspect of this gearbox is the well-arranged gear ratios on offer. The initial gears are short enough, making it an easy bike to cruise through city traffic without needing too many gear changes. Sixth gear is very high and this aids highway driving ability.

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8 Energy efficiency is among the best in the segment

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Coming with a small, under-constrained parallel-twin engine, the 2022 Honda CB500X is quite impressive when it comes to gas mileage. This adventure touring motorcycle managed to give a combined gas mileage of 65 miles per gallon, which is the best in the middleweight segment.

Honda CB500X 2019
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Along with excellent fuel economy numbers, the Honda CB500X has a whopping 4.7 gallon fuel tank capacity. Superior tank capacity coupled with class-leading gas mileage means the 2022 CB500X could go over 300 miles on a full tank. Hence, the tank capacity is also the best of the bunch.

seven Off-roading is not where this bike shines

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If you’re looking for a bike to do some hardcore off-roading, the 2022 Honda CB500X will surely disappoint. This is a bike designed for open highways, and as a result, the bike feels a little behind when ridden on slush and sand.

Honda CB500X
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The bike is a bit front-heavy and not very ideal for off-road adventures. Along with that, directional changes feel sluggish and a decent curb weight, and the road tires sink the CB500X further in such terrain. The stand-up riding position isn’t very accommodating either.

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6 City driving is quite easy

honda cb500x
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Comes with a suspension setup that is soft enough for both front and rear, the 2022 CB500X is extremely comfortable at low speeds in the city. The suspension is able to soak up even the biggest potholes and does a terrific job of soaking it up without passing it on to the rider and passenger.


The ergonomics of the bike are excellent and there is ample legroom for both rider and passenger. Other than that, the heater is well maintained and the heat emitted will never bother the rider even on the hottest days at peak times.

5 The highways are where you call home


Take the 2022 CB500X to the highways and you’d be perfectly happy with how this adventure tourer handles on long open roads. The bike could easily meet the highway speed limit all day without major overheating or vibration coming from the engine. As a result, the rider would be comfortable even after a 1,000 mile trip.


The suspension system is designed for open highways and has no defects. With 41mm Showa USD forks with preload adjustment and a unique Pro-Link rear shock with preload adjustment, the CB500X rides flat at the stiffest setting. The tires grip very well and the wind shield also provides adequate wind protection.

4 Sharp brakes add to the driving experience

2022 Honda CB500X Adventure
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The 2022 Honda CB500X comes with a single 310mm disc in the front and a 240mm disc in the rear. Both are also single-piston caliper setups. Even though the braking hardware doesn’t seem to be the best in the segment, it proved to be more than enough to bring the bike to a stop in no time.

2022 Honda CB500X Adventure Bike
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The front brake is more than enough to stop the bike. The front dive is manageable and the CB500X has excellent initial bite. Even the braking progression is better than most rivals, and the front brake is all that’s needed for a quick stop. Nevertheless, the rear brake also does a decent job. ABS is embedded and not very intrusive.

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3 Very correct ergonomics

motorcycle honda cb500x adventure 2022
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Honda has managed to push forward the same design and ergonomics as the outgoing 2021 model, and so it feels similar. The ergonomics of the CB500X are spot on and riders of all shapes and sizes would have no complaints.

2022 honda cb500-range cb500f cb500x cbr500r
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The raised handlebars that are quite forward and the rubber-mounted footpegs not too far back allow for an upright and comfortable riding position. The seats are wide and well padded. Legroom is excellent for both rider and passenger. All controls and switches are also well positioned.

2 Gets all basic features

Dashboard Honda CB500X
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The 2022 Honda CB500X is reasonably feature-packed, especially considering the base price of $6,999. When it comes to performance and the engine side, Honda offers an anti-lock braking system, a programmed fuel injection system, and a slipper and assist clutch system, all of which are very much needed these days.


Some other features such as LED lighting and multi-spoke cast wheels add to the looks and versatility of the bike. The digital instrument cluster is easy to read and provides all the necessary information. Other than that, the large windshield comes standard and it does a reasonable job of protecting the rider from the wind at highway speeds.

1 Build quality is top notch


This is a motorcycle that is built to very high standards and shows the moment you swing your legs. All of the bike’s contact points feel much more premium compared to segment rivals and are solidly put together. There are also no rattles and squeaks anywhere.


All body panels are precision fitted and gaps between panels are consistent and minimal. There are no exposed wiring or screws anywhere. The wires are also encased in a thick layer of insulation, which would help keep it out of the elements. The paint and plastic quality is superb too.

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The new Honda CB500X 2022 comes with fantastic updates.

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