10 Things Every Aspiring Motorcyclist Should Know About The Honda Grom

Small displacement bikes prove that you don’t need excessive cubes to have fun. While most sub-half-litre bikes are aimed at beginners, seasoned riders can also take them to the track, carve high-speed canyons, or zip around city roads on these bikes. For example, the four-cylinder Ninja ZX-25R that Kawasaki introduced to spice up the likely lackluster entry-level motorcycle market, and many experienced riders will enjoy it on the track. In terms of the fun factor, the tiny cc bikes deliver in spades, no matter your skill level.

Honda has a rich line of small displacement bikes and is arguably the best in this segment. There’s a little Honda to meet nearly every rider’s need, from classic, tiny Monkey minibikes to current options like the Honda Navi, Trail 125, CRF 125F and Super Cub C125. But in popularity, few can match the Honda Grom. If you admire superbikes, the Honda Grom might not catch your eye, which is a shame because the tiny Honda packs a lot in a small, affordable package. Here are ten things every budding motorcyclist should know about the Honda Grom.

ten Cheap price

If you are a beginner rider looking for an inexpensive bike that doesn’t sacrifice the fun factor, then the Honda Grom might just be the bike for you. It starts at $3,499 for the standard version and $300 more for the ABS version, making it one of the cheapest new bikes.

Used first-generation Honda Grom bikes are even more accessible, for as little as $2,500. Not bad for a bike that will make you smile more than any other product on the market.

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9 Including high fuel economy

Fuel economy plays an important role in a vehicle’s attractiveness, with rising fuel prices and a high regard for environmental protection. This is why motorcyclists are quickly adopting the new electric motorcycles that are coming onto the market. But a few gas-powered motorcycles like the Honda Grom have dramatically high fuel economy.

Honda Grom’s fuel economy of 134 mpg is as high as you’ll get from any motorcycle on the market and is part of the appeal that makes the bike so successful. With a 1.5 gallon tank, you can expect to go nearly 200 miles with each fill.

8 Reliable and easy to maintain

The Grom comes with unquestioned Honda reliability, and it never seems to break. With the updated 125cc engine, the Grom will outlast other bikes in the entry-level class. Because it runs at lower rpm, the engine experiences less wear than other high-rpm machines.

Like most air-cooled, fuel-injected motorcycles, the Grom is also easy to maintain. Although it has a shorter valve clearance interval than other bikes, the task is easy to undertake. Also, it comes with a healthy room for customization and a healthy after-sales support.

seven Not your only bike

With all the compelling reasons to buy the Honda Grom, it doesn’t fit as the only bike you should own as it has significant limitations. Maybe as a second or even third trip. Yes, you’ll corner like a MotoGP rider in the chicane, but you won’t be able to compete with friends on bigger bikes. Also, while it comes with a passenger seat, it’s not comfortable enough, so you definitely won’t be going on a trip with your better half.

If this is your only ride, the limits can easily outweigh the fun factor, especially if you’re past the learning curve. You still have to go around and ride the highways, and get it as a second bike, and the amount of fun you’ll have shouldn’t be legal.

6 Perfect city bike

The Honda Grom is an ideal motorcycle for commuting around town. It’s super compact, light, economical, has a great driving position and is so much fun to ride. The Grom weighs just 225 pounds and the seat height is quite low at just 30.1 inches.

You’ll have no trouble launching the little commuter and weaving through traffic jams. Although it has a limited top speed, speed limits on most city streets range between 10 and 25 miles per hour, only reaching 35 mph in a few cases. As long as you stay off the A-roads, you’ll feel right at home with the Honda Grom.

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5 A Hooligan that does not attract attention

Seasoned super hooligans like the Triumph Speed ​​Triple or the Ducati Streetfighter V4 are sure to grab attention every time you step outside. Try to burn yourself out or do wheelies through the city streets with your powerful and loud bike, and chances are the cops are on your case. But the Honda Grom is a different kind of hooligan.

Many will think you look ridiculous on the bike because of its proportions, and they may ask you if you’re riding a kid’s bike. But that won’t bother you much because the Grom looks harmless with its scaled-down proportions and precious aesthetics. You can do the craziest stunt on the street with the Grom, and most people won’t even notice it.

4 Slow but fun

The Honda Grom’s straight-line performance is disappointing, with just 9bhp pushed from the 125cc single-cylinder four-stroke engine and hitting 56mph. But focusing on absolute speed completely misses the point of the bike.

The Grom comes with a low center of gravity, flat seat and low footrests for impressive stability. In addition, the engine is perfectly balanced and for city center trips the bike is an absolute pleasure to ride at low speeds.

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3 Not safe for highway

As we mentioned, the Honda Grom has low power output, and it’s focused at the bottom, allowing it to hit 50 miles per hour fairly quickly on a flat surface. Progressing to top speed takes a while, and by the time you hit the 8250 rpm redline, you can feel the torque drop significantly.

With vehicles going 70 mph or more, you definitely won’t feel safe taking the Honda Grom down the highway. But to be honest, the Grom was not designed for such tasks.

2 Cool unconventional

The Grom cult swept through social media like a flood. Just search for a quick hashtag like #gromlife or #gromarmy, and you can see how much fun riders are having on their Grom bikes. They get a good dose of adrenaline from a tiny motorcycle.

But just like the most powerful hooligans, the Grom has a rebellious appeal, which makes him cool and unconventional. It’s not quite a hipster bike, but it offers funky Japanese styling, and its kid-toy proportions are sure to turn a few heads.

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1 Perfect bike for beginners

Everyone will undoubtedly enjoy their time on the Honda Grom. But beginner cyclists will probably develop more appreciation for the bike. The bike comes with low horsepower, and like any fat bike, it has four gears and a clutch, unlike scooters with automatic gearboxes, making it perfect for learning.

The Honda Grom is not at all intimidating. It’s small, easy to ride, cheap to buy, insure, tax and operate, all combinations of a great beginner’s bike.

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