10 anime characters who would be experts with ODM Gear

It takes special skill to adapt to a whole new method of crossing. The Survey Corps trains their scouts for years in the effective use of their gravity-defying omnidirectional mobility gear, but is it possible that some characters already have the skills or experience to retrieve it without this training?

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Travel through the air like Spider Man is no easy task, but with the right set of experience or skills that can translate, it is far from impossible. It could mean having the strength to handle a mechanical augmentation, or it could also mean having superhuman agility.

ten Suzaku Kururugi’s kicks would gain a new dimension (Code Geass)

Code Geass viewers knew some things were absolute about his story. Twists were to happen, and Suzaku Kururugi was going to perform gravity-defying kicks at every opportunity. The Lancelot Knightmare cadre pilot is more agile than a cat and likely spends more time in the air than on the ground when it comes to melee combat. If someone’s natural abilities could be enhanced by the addition of ODM equipment, Suzaku would be at the top of the list.

9 Hanta Sero could be even more like Spider-Man (My Hero Academia)

sero hanta band

Hanta Sero’s Quirk allows him to expel duct tape from his elbows, allowing him to capture enemies or move around environments like a youngster. Spider Man. With his hero training at UA High School and his unfortunate clashes with the League of Villains during their attacks, Sero had to make the most of his own abilities in no time. As a budding hero who is already good at traveling through the air swinging from rope-like devices, Sero could easily adapt to the intricacies of ODM gear.

8 Shoyo Hintata can reach the top (Haikyuu !!)

Hinata in the air

When it comes to a pitch contest, Shoyo Hinata usually loses. However, when it comes to his ability to jump, he could be second to none. Hinata spends a lot of time flying over the volleyball net as he constantly jumps with all his might to reach heights that no one can realistically expect from a person of his stature.

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Such jumping ability would prove invaluable when maneuvering with ODM equipment. Whether he launched himself from the ground or from the sides of buildings, he would make the most of his opportunity to reach new heights.

7 Joe knows all about movement enhancing gadgets (Megalo Box)

When it comes to using technology to augment your body, there is perhaps no one more experienced than Joe. After climbing to the top of the Megalo box world without Gear, Joe has learned exactly what it takes to be able to win against opponents with all the mechanical advantages. Beyond that, he is an expert at using Gears to improve his own strength in the ring and there is no doubt that his skill in doing so would translate perfectly into the use of ODM gear at his. full potential.

6 Thorfinn knows how useful aerial combat is (Vinland Saga)

Viking Age soldiers weren’t used to unusual attack styles, and this is one area that young Thorfinn specializes in. Thors’ son made a name for himself as a vicious fighter wielding small blades and using his athletic abilities to literally leap at his enemies. Whether it’s jumping high to dodge attacks from a giant like Thorkell, or jumping through a treacherous ditch to surprise enemies where they least expect it.

5 Reg can explore without limits (Made In Abyss)

Not much is known about the little robot that emerged from the Abyss, other than the fact that it is beyond the comprehension of most cave raiders. Reg’s robotic body is extremely tough, and his extendable arm has been used to traverse dizzying heights on several occasions.

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That’s not all. He’s also run into some gigantic foes that would rival the proverbial Titans in being terrifying, meaning Reg would understand the value of ODM gear when it comes to escaping.

4 Vivy performs daring feats for breakfast (Vivy: Fluorite Eye’s Song)

Vivy smiling in the song Vivy Fluorite Eyes

Vivy is an android tasked with preventing a cataclysmic future from happening. Its metallic body and artificial intelligence allow it to instantly download the skills necessary to adapt to any situation. It could mean martial arts expertise or use its durability to perform inhuman feats of strength such as jumping between crumbling buildings. Not only does she have great flying experience and physical durability, but her AI brain could analyze the knowledge needed to excel at using ODM equipment.

3 Celty is already using her bike as an ODM equipment (Durarara !!)

Celty on the run

No one really manages a motorcycle like the headless rider herself, Celty Sturluson. The myth turned urban legend is often seen evading the law on its faithful route, and even performing incredible maneuvers such as jumping over vehicles and climbing the sides of buildings. Someone so accustomed to high-speed chases and traveling around large buildings would equip themselves with ODM gear without wasting time, and their skill in handling their big motorcycle just might translate.

2 Kirito is capable of anything (Sword Art Online)

Since first donning that fateful NerveGear VR headset, Kirigaya Kazuto aka Kirito has proven time and time again that he can adapt to almost anything life throws at him. No one thought it was possible to use two weapons or climb the floors of Aincrad as a solo player, but Kirito made a name for himself by accomplishing the impossible.

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With new technology like ODM gear at his disposal, there might be no limits to the creative ways Kirito could find to attack his enemies.

1 Mumei will use everything to survive (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress)

Mumei (Kabaneri of the Iron Fortress)

As the leader of the hunters, Mumei has access to superhuman abilities that often make her agile enough to leap onto rooftops and take on zombie-like monsters in melee. With her increased strength, she could easily handle the reigns of ODM gear, while her speed and reflexes would give her unparalleled control while traversing deadly locations. With the ODM gear in tow, Mumemi might even compete with Levi Ackerman.

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