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Life is better through travel, connections and personal reward.

MotoStays connects travelers with live-in hosts who open their homes to people like you. Try something new, meet cool people and see the real deal.

Create an account

The first step is to complete your MotoStays user profile; then add a property listing if you wish. This becomes your hub and where you’ll highlight your awesomeness, your motorcycle and interests.   Having a complete profile is the best way to get the most your membership.  Here you can tell people if you’re traveling, would like to host or both!  Be sure to include photos!

Ready, set, ride

Ready to plan your adventure?  Start by searching the map for the cities and/or regions you plan to visit.  Look through listings and reviews to find people you might like to stay with.   Review the profile/listing of a potential host carefully, then send a request for the dates you’d like to stay.  We recommend sending a few requests as not everyone will be available.  Make your request personable and friendly.

Finding a Place to Stay



Where do you want to go?  Browse the MotoStays listings by using the map or by entering a destination in the search menu. Use location, photos and details to see which hosts are a good match.


Send a request to potential host(s). Be clear about dates, arrival times and length of stay.  When confirmed by a host, you’ll work together on the details of the stay.


Keep in touch with the host about your stay. If plans change, be considerate and notify the host immediately. You’re staying in a private home, a small gift or offering to help with a task will be greatly appreciated.


Be sure to leave a review after your stay.  Reviews are informative and builds references. They help others with decision making and get the most from the stay.

Hosting a Guest



Reply to an inquiry as soon as possible whether your space is available.  Review the guest profile/listing, get information and ask questions. Communication is key for a good hosting experience.


The space should be clean and comfortable for a guest. Consider having supplies like water and towels available, and instructions for things a guest would have access to (TV, appliances, etc).


When the guest arrives, orient the them to your home and highlight things they need to know. Share your local knowledge, help them find great roads to ride, good places to eat, motorcycle services or tourist info.


Reviews are the foundation of MotoStays. Leave a review of your guest after their stay. It will help them build references and trust as well as help inform future hosts and travelers.

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