Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Am I required to host?

A: You’re highly encouraged to be a host, but it is not required. The concept is that you are both a traveler and a host. If we have a more travelers than hosts that wouldn’t work very well. You are always in control as you decide who/when you can host. We hope you try both hosting and traveling to experience the different perspectives.

Q: Should I be concerned letting strangers in my home?

A: While everyone needs to be cognizant of their own safety and security, malicious behavior is rare. Everyone should consider who they are letting into their home. You are always in control and get to decide what’s best and most convenient to you.

MotoStays co-founders Gaila and Tad have both stayed with and hosted fellow motorcyclists for years. They have rested their heads in many unfamiliar homes, in many different countries, which proves time and again the kindness of strangers and what we all learned as kids — it’s awesome to share!

You can also check out the MotoStays reviews throughout the site for both travelers and hosts.

”Q: I’m new to this idea, what should I expect?”

A: This is a new concept to a lot of people. The world is a different place; the ‘sharing economy’ is a growing and powerful movement worldwide. Airbnb, VRBO and Couchsurfing are great examples of the home sharing industry. They’ve been around for many years and are highly successful in connecting people with accommodation alternatives.

MotoStays is different because it’s specifically for motorcyclists and stays are free between members. It’s not weird and you’ll likely forget you’re with a stranger within minutes of arriving. Members will have email or phone dialogue to make arrangements; you’ll get a strong sense of people through these communications.

As motorcyclists, we’re eager to meet new people and help each other out. Members join the community because they want to share the experience of travel and connect with cool, interesting people. Not the traditional accommodation, each MotoStays will be different in it’s own way.

Q: Can I join if I don't have room to share?

A: Yes. You can join our community even if you don’t have a hosting ability. We understand there may be circumstances that prevent you from hosting. When you are able, we hope you’ll consider creating a listing and try hosting.

Q: How far in advance should I make arrangements?

A: You should plan ahead as much as possible; this allows the host to be prepared. As motorcyclists, we know plans can change quickly; hosts that can accommodate short notice requests should indicate this on their listing details.

Q: What if my plans change and I can't make it?

A: Be sure to keep your host informed! Don’t be a jerk and just not show up. If you need to cancel, arrive early or late, let your host know. People don’t want to spend their time waiting around for you, make sure you communicate as best as you can so there are no surprises.

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Q: What about mid-week stays and I have to work?

A: It’s up to each member to determine if mid-week hosting works. If you are uncomfortable about leaving with guest(s) in the house, you should make sure you convey to travelers the expected departure time. If you are okay with letting your guest stay while you’re at work, make arrangements the night before to let your guests know the expectations and house rules. Communication is key!

Q: Do I pay a host to stay in their home?

A: Nope. The community is based on reciprocal hospitality, so no money is exchanged between members.

Q: How much privacy will I have?

A: Remember, you’re staying in a private home, not a hotel. Sleeping arrangements will likely have complete or a reasonable amount of privacy. Look at the host’s listing and see what details they have provided. If you are unsure, inquire with your host.

Q: Am I required to entertain or provide meals to guests?

A: The level of interaction and schedule is up to you as members. Meals should not not be expected unless otherwise agreed. More often than not, members enjoy sharing an evening or meal while they get to know each other.

Q: How long can I stay?

A: Your stay should be no longer than 2 days or less unless otherwise agreed upon with your host.

Q: Can I use MotoStays if I'm not traveling on motorcycle?

A: Absolutely! We all use other modes of travel. Just let your host know you won’t need motorcycle parking.

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