Community guidelines

Respect people and their property.

MotoStays is a conduit to connect people of different cultures, lifestyles and ideals. By joining our community, you agree to use the greatest level of respect and consideration for people within the community.

Research, trust and member reviews

Our community is built on trust and respect. Read profiles and listings carefully and always look out for your best interest and safety. By leaving reviews, you help others with decisions about hosting or staying.

Create a quality and accurate profile and listing

The personal profile and listing is where we learn about each other. They are a reflection of who you are, your interests and lifestyle. Make yours as personable and complete as possible.

MotoStaying is privilege

Remember your accommodations are in a private home. Hosts are not obligated to accept your request; availability is not guaranteed. Hosts should respond to requests even if they are unable to host. Don’t accept a request if you are not comfortable.


MotoStays is not dating service

MotoStay connects people who love motorcycling and meeting new people. Don’t contact other members with intent of dating. While making a personal connection could happen, that’s not what MotoStays is about.

Under-age use of website is prohibited

We do not allow members that are not adults (under 18). Any accounts held by minors will be terminated.

Most importantly just be a good person!

We all want a rich and quality experience, so whether you’re the traveler or the host, ALWAYS BE A GOOD PERSON; plain and simple. Treat other members  with respect, consideration and integrity at all times. Be respectful of opinions and beliefs of others, even if you don’t agree.

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